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40 Odyssey Projects Awarded Funding in February 2017 Grant Cycle

CONWAY, Ark. (March 20, 2017) – Hendrix College awarded $134.062.66 in Odyssey grants to 40 hands-on learning projects

As of February 2017, the Committee on Engaged Learning has awarded $3,657.974.57 in Odyssey grants to Hendrix students and faculty since the Odyssey Program’s inception in 2005.  

Read the full project descriptions here.

February 2017 Odyssey grant recipients & their projects include:

  • Lyle Alford – A Journey of Faith and Service in Lourdes (Special Projects)
  • Iad Alhallak and Alexis Krone –A Kinetic Analysis of the Formation of Supported Lipid Bilayers through Variation in Salt and Lipid Concentration (Undergraduate Research)
  • Roshaneh Ali – New Beginnings: Working with the International Rescue Committee (Service to the World)
  • Braxton Anderson – Characterizing the Tumor Microenvironment of Thyroid Cancer Using DropSeq (Undergraduate Research)
  • Kathryn Bolt – Dance Therapy at Eastern State Hospital (Professional & Leadership Development)
  • Leah Crenshaw – College Staffer at Ozark Mission Project (Service to the World)
  • Grace Featherston – Understanding Our Planet One Aerosol at a Time: Quantification of Biomass Burning Aerosols (Undergraduate Research)
  • Jessica Frazier-Emerson –Ozark Mission Project (Service to the World)
  • Logan French – Investigating the Genomes of Two Oral Disease Causing Viruses: Human Herpesvirus and Coxcackievirus (Undergraduate Research)
  • Emma Gaither – Don't stop the Bee-at: The Effect of Noise Interference on Waggle Dance Communication (Undergraduate Research)
  • Hagan Griffith – The Experience of a Lifetime: Costa Rica Style (Special Projects)
  • Geneva Hill – Volunteering for Italy's Sex Trafficked and Homeless (Service to the World)
  • Callahan Hirrel – Development and Implementation of a Functional Programming Language for Teaching Discrete Mathematics Courses (Undergraduate Research)
  • Anna Holmes – Development of CARDSTOCK, a Card Game Simulation Engine (Undergraduate Research)
  • Jessica Hunter – Analysis of Contortrostatin in Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) venom (Undergraduate Research)
  • Jacob Idec – Computational Myrmecology: Using Agent-Based Modeling and Custom Video Analysis to Investigate Division of Labor in the Ant Pheidole dentate (Undergraduate Research)
  • Ian Jenkins – Investigating Molecular Mechanism of Thyroid Cancer Using Novel Cellular Models (Undergraduate Research)
  • Jonathan Jenkins – Oh, The Places You'll Go with Science! Education at the Burn Camp  (Special Projects & Service to the World)
  • Michael Kramer – Nano-Engineering: Design and Synthesis of an Effective Molecular Receptor for Fullerenes (Undergraduate Research)
  • Erika Levy –Behavioral Compensation, Long-term Behavioral Plasticity, and Neuroanatomical Remodeling in Majors of the Ant Pheidole dentate (Undergraduate Research)
  • Justin Lockhart – All Tangled Up: Alzheimer's Research with the University of Texas (Professional & Leadership Development)
  • Amber Melcher and Ploy Freebairn – Behavioral Studies in the Locomotion of Caenorhabditis elegans (Undergraduate Research)
  • Kathleen Mowery and Delaney Wells – Understanding Rwanda: Culture, Education, Development (Global Awareness)
  • Bosco Ndemeye – A Bidirectional Programming Environment for Creating and Editing Vector Graphics (Undergraduate Research)
  • Alexis Pace – Dominican Republic (Global Awareness)
  • Eugene Pegues – Development of a Reusable Colorimetric Surface Tethered Polydiacetylene (Undergraduate Research)
  • Lauren Petrisin – Cape Town: Leadership, Service and Culture (Special Projects)
  • Heather Prowse – A Unique Perspective: How CDC Controls Tuberculosis (Special Projects)
  • Lexus Raney – Foraging for Drugs: A Novel Model of Drug Addiction in Animals (Undergraduate Research)
  • Reynol Rodriquez and Sierra Hubbard – Insect Biodiversity in Sky Islands of Arkansas (Undergraduate Research)
  • Mary Rose Siebenmorgen – Rediscovering My Family's European Roots (Global Awareness)
  • Bridget Umble – Team Eire and the Women's Lacrosse World Games (Special Projects)
  • Garrett Wolf – Internship at Faulkner County Juvenile Court System (Professional & Leadership Development)
  • Margaret Young – Identity and Gender in the Scottish Highland Games (Global Awareness)
  • Benjamin Zamzow and Sarah Neiman – Internship: Children's Eternal Rainforest (Professional & Leadership Development)
  • Dr. Julie Gunderson – Design and Construction of a Fluorescence Microscope (Undergraduate Research)
  • Dr. David Hales – Proline Under the Influence: The Effect of Neighboring Amino Acids on the Conformational Flexibility of Proline (Undergraduate Research)
  • Dr. Michael Miyawaki – What is Your Race? Examining Part-Latino Racial Identity (Undergraduate Research)
  • Dr. Damon Spayde – Experimental Nuclear Physics at Hendrix College (Undergraduate Research)

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