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Honors Day 2016

_MG_2031CONWAY, Ark. (April 28, 2016) — Hendrix College students were honored for outstanding academic achievement, citizenship, and service today at the 2016 Honors Day Convocation in Staples Auditorium. 

Sean Alexander ’16 was awarded the President's Medal, presented each year to that student who best exemplifies the highest ideals of the College, including excellence in scholarship, outstanding citizenship, and service to the community. Each year's recipient of the President's Medal is named by the President of the College upon the recommendation of a nomination group.  

Two awards for faculty members were also presented at Honors Day.

Psychology professor Dr. Tim Maxwell received the United Methodist Church's Exemplary Teaching Award, which honors excellence in teaching; civility and concern for students and colleagues; commitment to value-centered education; and service to students, the institution, and community.

Politics and international relations professor Dr. Daniel Whelan received the inaugural Carole Herrick Award for Excellence in Academic Advising. The new award recognizes high-quality academic advising, including contributions that help students formulate and achieve their intellectual, career, and personal goals. 


  • Christopher Abbot Carver — Darrell G. Trotter Memorial Award (Couch Hall)
  • Bailey Melissa Pickens — Jessie Embry Award (Galloway Hall)
  • Paul Ryan Tumminello — Hardin Hall Outstanding Citizen Award  
  • Hueseng Xiong — Captain W. W. Martin Award (Martin Hall)
  • Madison Faith Dealing —Raney Hall Award  
  • Kelsi V. Stimack — Violet Braly Award (Veasey Hall)
  • Madison Cass Schallhorn — Apartment Council Outstanding Leadership and Service Award
  • William John O’Brochta — Houses Council Award


  • Megan Marie Hull and Jackie Runyararo Nyamutumbu — Betty F. Bumpers International Leadership and Fellowship Award
  • Janie Brie-Anne Sanford and Mackenzie Gabrielle Theall — Dr. I.L. Claude, Jr. International Studies Achievement Award
  • Dimple Himansu Shah — Matt L. Ellis Volunteer of the Year Award  
  • Blair Nicole Causey, Evan Thomas Turner Mitchell, Jessica Jacqueline Amos, and Hassan Hussein Karemera — Alice Hines Award for Excellence in Multicultural Leadership and Service  
  • Ty Spradley and Jackie Runyararo Nyamutumbu — Student Impact Award
  • Students Advocating Gender Equality (SAGE) — Student Organization of the Year
  • James Gibbs Owen, Shameela Nasrullah Khimani, and Nancy A. Ghaleb — Quiet Leader Award
  • William John O’Brochta — Sustainability Fund Service Award
  • Marissa Nicole Lee — Ellis Arnold Award for Outstanding Campus Leadership
  • Sean Michael Alexander and Farai Musariri — Danny Powell Service Leadership Award



  • Hannah Raquel Gallegos, Lucy Brawley Morgan and Anna Jean Sheals — Service to the Department Award
  • Alexandria Marie Adams and Savannah Katherine Herrera — Don and Camilla Marr Endowed Art Scholarship  
  • Hannah Raquel Gallegos, Carl Joseph Napolitano, Grace Nicole Oxley — Graduating with Distinction in Art

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

  • Taylor Michelle Bennett, Zachary Allen Branscum, Ann-Marie Frances Hayre , Shameela Nasrullah Khimani, Jeffery Alan May, Taylor Morgan McElroy, Farai Musariri, John Mark Pennington, Jacob Bailey Pierce, Grant Frederick Zurcher — Graduating with Distinction in Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology
  • Jeffery Alan May and Jacob Bailey Pierce — Bruce W. Haggard Award  


  • Jessa Haley Thurman —Dr. G. Thomas Clark Biology Award
  • Virginia Elaine Mitchell — Johnson Biology Award  
  • Jackie Runyararo Nyamutumbu — Keith Sutton Award  
  • Michelle Lan Huynh —Albert M. Raymond AED Award  
  • Sarah Abigail Eddington — Earle A. Spessard Biology Award  
  • Sarah Abigail Eddington, Felicia Adalia Headley, Jay Atherton Jeffers, Virginia Elaine Mitchell, Jackie Runyararo Nyamutumbu, Sehrish Sardar, Jeffrey Edward Scott, Jessa Haley Thurman, and Hsin-Ping Wang — Graduating with Distinction in Biology

Chemical Physics

  • Jacob Scott Higgins — Graduating with Distinction in Chemical Physics


  • Ashley Elizabeth Elser, Justin Cole Murdock and Rachel Elizabeth Zweig — McHenry Chemistry Award
  • Rachel Elizabeth Zweig — American Chemical Society’s Inorganic Chemistry Award
  • Ashley, Justin and Rachel will also be Graduating with Distinction in Chemistry.
  • Jacob Scott Higgins — American Institute of Chemists Award  
  • Any Kamlesh Jivan and Grant Frederick Zurcher — Teague Service Award  
  • Alex Brandon Cox, Ashley Elizabeth Elser, Justin Cole Murdock and Rachel Elizabeth Zweig — Graduating with Distinction in Chemistry


  • Grant Frederick Zurcher — Graduating with Distinction in Classics

Economics and Business

  • Jordan Jared Muir —E. W. Martin Memorial Accounting Award
  • Taylor Lee Tibbits — Frank Dicken McAlister Memorial Scholarship  
  • Jared Brandon Carver, Daniel Robert Imbro, and Joseph Pride Korkames —Mosley Economics and Business Award   
  • Stephen Mark Stearman — James C. Pruden Memorial Scholarship
  • Morgan Brooke Fires and Lauren Taylor Wallis — Eloise W. Raymond Masters Award  
  • Bruce Kevin Baker, Jared Brandon Carver, Daniel Robert Imbro, Joseph Pride Korkames, Anna Colleen McCorquodale, John Ralph McGrath, Jordan Jared Muir, Feixue (Cloris) Tian —   Graduating with Distinction in Economics and Business


  • Brian William Commerford — Robert W. Meriwether Secondary Education Award


  • Marchelle Marnae Williams and Frances A. Wendorf — Robert L. Campbell-Walter A. Moffatt Award  
  • Kathryn Leland Henricks and Carl Joseph Napolitano — Isaac Andrew Campbell Memorial Prize  
  • Carl Joseph Napolitano and Grace Oxley — McCuistion English Prize  
  • Christian Rene Leus — William H. Hughes Shakespeare Award  
  • Adam Curtiss Reece — Kenneth Story Best Senior Thesis Award    
  • Mary Katherine Barker, Alyssa Joy Curry, Connor Mark Herrold, Laura Katherine Hildebrand, Audrey Rose McMillion, Carl Joseph Napolitano, Joo Yung Oh, Adam Curtiss Reece, Dominique Fossen Silverman, and Marina Nicole Sweeten — Graduating with Distinction in English  

Environmental Studies

  • Avalon McKeel Collier, Mary Julia Emanuel, and Marley K. Halter — Graduating with Distinction in Environmental Studies

Foreign Languages

  • Gretchen Elizabeth McCarthy and Mackenzie Gabrielle Theall — Graduating with Distinction in French
  • Alyssa Joy Curry, Anna Serene McConaghie, Justin Cole Murdock, and Clifton Eric Walker — Graduating with Distinction in Spanish


  • Lawrence Herbert Bringard II — James Jennings Prize
  • Joshua Allen Knight — Larson Prize  
  • Sarah Christine Varnau — Richard B. Yates Prize
  • Lawrence Herbert Bringard II, Kathleen Sanders Conley, Sarah Christine Varnau — Graduating with Distinction in History

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Alison Marie Bair — Graduating with Distinction in Interdisciplinary Studies (Social Documentary)
  • Katelyn Rose Casper — Graduating with Distinction in Interdisciplinary Studies (Consumer Behavior and Economics)
  • Dean Martin Patterson — Bennett Essay Prize

Kinesiology and Health Sciences

  • Sarah Abigail Eddington — Jim Kelly Award
  • Ariel Anastasia Anderson, Debra Marlene Crawford, Sarah Abigail Eddington, Carlos Ramon Garcia, Georgia Weygandt — Graduating with Distinction in Kinesiology

Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Megan A. Cassingham and Sarah Elizabeth Glass — McHenry-Lane Mathematics Award  
  • Rachel Elizabeth Zweig — Hogan Mathematics Awards
  • Nicholas Cade Heiner and William John O’Brochta — Parker Undergraduate Research Award
  • Connor Alden Bell, Elizabeth Alexandria Dye and John Christopher McAvey — Robert C. Eslinger Computer Science Award  
  • Nicholas Cade Heiner, William John O’Brochta, Rachel Elizabeth Zweig, Clifton Eric Walker —
  • Graduating with Distinction in Mathematics
  • Connor Alden Bell, Elizabeth Alexandria Dye, Jarvis Dale Hoglan, John Christopher McAvey, Mitchell Lewis Sharp, and Ian Patrick Shrum — Graduating with Distinction in Computer Science


  • Jalin L. Parry — Hendrix College Chamber Orchestra Award  
  • Connor Hayden Anderson — Ashley R. Coffman Wind Ensemble Award
  • Hannah Elisabeth Shelton — Robert McGill Choral Music Award  


  • Stephen Ross Ragsdale —Robert G. Shoemaker Award  
  • Alex Brandon Cox — Graduating with Distinction in Philosophy


  • William Gardner and Yuxiu Wang — Joe G. Robbins Physics Award   
  • Elijah Graham Kessler — Graduating with Distinction in Physics

Politics and International Relations

  • Sean Michael Alexander and William James O’Brochta — W.C. Buthman Prize in Politics  
  • Shannon Nicole Abbott — Ian T. King Prize in International Relations  
  • Samantha Michelle Sexton — Dr. John A. Ziegler Law Award  
  • Brandy Helen Britton — Brandon Matthew Ryan Scholarship in Politics and International Relations
  • Shannon Nicole Abbott, Megan Marie Hull, Janie Brie-Anne Sanford, and William Bartlett Wortham — Graduating with Distinction in International Relations
  • Sean Michael Alexander, Elizabeth Brown Forester, Nigel Paul Halliday, William John O’Brochta, and James Gibbs Owen IV — Graduating with Distinction in Politics


  • David John Dobry, Anna Melissa Green, Laura Katherine Hildebrand, William Alexander McIntyre
  • Reina Elena Ortiz, Chloe Lain Showalter, Jonathan Tyler Spradley — Graduating with Distinction in Psychology
  • Laura Katherine Hildebrand — Margaret E. Fitch Award in Psychology


  • Anna Serene McConaghie and Rachel Joyce Parmer — Ferris C. Baker Sociology Award  
  • Bethany Hope Cartwright and Blair Nicole Causey — Juanita D. Sandford Social Justice Award
  • Erin Nicole Anderson, Bethany Hope Cartwright, Blair Nicole Causey, Samantha Marie Church, Kimberly Ann Ly, Anna Serene McConaghie, Shelby Theresa-Gail Morrow, Rachel Marie Moyer, Rebecca Claire Nelsen, Rachel Joyce Parmer, Laura Judith Yoder — Graduating with Distinction in Sociology/Anthropology

Theatre Arts and Dance

  • Bridget Lauren Yelk —Rosemary E. Henenberg Scholarship  
  • David Austin Rodgers and Melissa Nicole Rooney — Vivian Hill Drama Award   David and Melissa will also be Graduating with Distinction in Theatre Arts and Dance.
  • Ryan Mitchell Wyre — Ella Myrl Shanks Scholarship  
  • Nigel Paul Halliday and John Christopher McAvey — Dr. and Mrs. F. Marion Tolleson Prize
  • Rachel LeAnn Wells — Graham-Duncan Award  
  • Natasha Kenzie Bray, David Austin Rodgers, and Melissa Nicole Rooney — Graduating with Distinction in Theatre Arts and Dance

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