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Odyssey Awards 35 Projects in October Funding Cycle

CONWAY, Ark. (Nov. 16, 2015) — Thirty-five Odyssey projects were awarded $101,173.24 by the Committee on Engaged Learning in the 2015 October funding cycle, bringing the total awarded in the past decade to $3,197,841.29.

Hendrix College students will study poetry, art, dance, science, agriculture, service, business and history as they travel the world pursuing their educational passions through Odyssey.

Read full project descriptions here.

Fall 2015 Odyssey grant recipients and their projects include: 

  • Jericka Battle — Are you allowed to say that? An analysis of evaluations of professors teaching race related courses (Undergraduate Research)
  • Leah Bishop and Elissa McDavid — Contextualizing Migration (Special Projects)
  • Katie asper and Mat Larimer — Hear Hendrix Again: Collaborations (Special Projects)
  • Shannon Clark — ESL Certification (Professional and Leadership Development)
  • Blake Cooper — Camaraderie, Clinic, and Cusco: Service in Peru (Service to the World)
  • David Dobry — Neuropsychology Externship with the UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute (Professional and Leadership Development)
  • Marissa Earles, Betsy Fritsche and Anna Sheals — How Not to Starve as an Artist in New York City (Special Projects)
  • Kate Emery — Effects of Perinatal exercise on the enzymatic properties of neonatal mouse diaphragms (Undergraduate Research)
  • Avery Garza — Arkansas Readers’ Map (Professional and Leadership Development)
  • Marley Halter — Sustainable Viniculture in California (Undergraduate Research)
  • Laura Hildebrand — Online Self-Presentation on Social Media: The Effects on Self-Objectification, Benevolent Sexism, and Self-Perception (Undergraduate Research)
  • Elizabeth Hodges and Jericka Battle — An in-depth look at Hawaiian Parks and how they deal with Culture and Education (Special Projects)
  • Andrew Jordan — How do we think turning points for others are fated? The role of counterfactual thought and perspective taking on meaning making (Undergraduate Research)
  • Hannah McCarthy — A continuation of the Stabilization of the Hendrix Cat Colony (Special Projects)
  • Alex McIntyre — Travel Funding for NCUR (Undergraduate Research)
  • Evan Mitchel and Emily Hill — The LGBTQ Community: Exploring What is Still Distinct about Gay Culture (Special Projects)
  • Grace Oxley and Audrey McMillion — Making a Home at Grasmere: A Creative Sojourn in the Lake District (Artistic Creativity)
  • Garret Reese — Volunteer Firefighter at Beaverfork Fire Department (Service to the World)
  • Patrick Rogers — Everyone Needs a Little Puppy Lovin’ (Special Projects)
  • MiMi Spjut — A Week with Benedictine Nuns (Special Projects)
  • Krys Stetler — Habitat for Humanity Spring Break Trip 2016 (Service to the World)
  • Makenzie Theall — Student Teacher Fuel Stipend (Professional and Leadership Development)
  • Jessa Thurman — On Sharing New Species of Gall Wasps (Special Projects)
  • Matthew Tran — New Moon, New Year, New York (Professional and Leadership Development)
  • Rachel Wells — Determining the indirect effects that leafcutter ants have on arthropod communities in Costa Rica rainforests (Undergraduate Research)
  • Zoheb Yunus — Japanese Professional Field Experience (Professional and Leadership Development)
  • Dr. James Dow — TSC 2016 Tuscon: The Science of Consciousness (Undergraduate Research)
  • Dr. Joshua Glick — Visions of Dreamland: A multimedia Exploration of Coney Island (Special Projects)
  • Dr. Mark Goadrich — Solving Real-world Problems with Tools from Mathematics and Computer Science: The COMAP contest in Mathematical Modeling (Special Projects)
  • Dr. David Hales — Faculty and student travel and presentations at American Chemical Society Spring National meeting in San Diego, California (Undergraduate Research)
  • Dr. Laura MacDonald — Investigating Molecular Mechanisms of thyroid Cancer Using Novel Cellular Models (Undergraduate research)
  • Dr. Andrew Morgan — Choral Singing as an International Music Making Experience: Participation in the 2016 Prague Choral Festival (Artistic Creativity)
  • Professor Brigitte Rogers — ACDA: Dance, Create, Inspire (Special Projects)
  • Dr. Damon Spayde — Travel to the 2016 April Meeting of the American Physical Society (Undergraduate Research)
  • Dr. Michael Sprunger — Representing Gender in East Asian History (Undergraduate Research)

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