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Eleven Hendrix Students Pass National BCMB Exam

CONWAY, Ark. (July 15, 2015) – Eleven Hendrix College students successfully passed the 2015 American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology certification exam:

  • Jonathan Bauer-Erickson ’15
  • Matthew Bell ’15
  • Caroline Dunn ’15
  • Lettie Hattabaugh ’15
  • Dalton Hoose ’15
  • Erika Jasso ’15
  • Martha Kellems ’15
  • Meghan McFadden ’15
  • Allen Michael Smith ’15
  • Thomas Ples Spradley ’15
  • Aline Umuhire-Juru ’15

Bell and Spradley achieved certification with distinction.

The 11 students are entitled to claim their degree is ASBMB-certified. Of these eleven, two achieved certification with distinction.

Since the Hendrix biochemistry molecular biology program was accredited last year, the 2015 class members were the first Hendrix students eligible to receive an ASBMB-certified degree, according to Hendrix biology professor Dr. Rick Murray. 

“Hendrix students appeared to perform well relative to the national standards on most of the individual questions, suggesting that our program is doing a good job of covering the core concepts,” said Murray, adding that all 11 of the students who received certification did undergraduate research at Hendrix. 

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