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Hendrix SnapShots: Tommy Sanders '76


Combining his natural state roots and theatrical training, Hendrix alumnus Tommy Sanders is the successful host of ESPN Outdoors and other award-winning outdoor television programming.


I'm Tommy Sanders. I am 1976 graduate of Hendrix College. I was a theatre major there and since that time I have worked in broadcasting. In fact, I starting during my tenure as a student there, working at a radio station. So, next year will be forty years in broadcasting.

I didn't have a plan for a major when I went to school, not even close to having a plan. I knew it was a good school. I knew I wanted to go there and get as good of a general education as possible. I saw a play. The first play I ever saw was when I was a freshman at Hendrix. It just absolutely floored me. It was so different from television, so different from movies, anything I had ever seen before. It's a completely different experience being in the room with these people who are telling the story. I immediately got involved with the theatre department. From that first trimester on, I participated in every theatre production during my four years at Hendrix. I was all in, in a way of speaking.

The whole experience there did not allow you to go completely into something like theatre. You had to be well-rounded. You had to have some discipline. You had to complete a fairly balanced schedule of classes. That was good for me. A good education in learning how to write has been super valuable to me throughout my career.