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Hendrix Club Scene: Chicken Club


Hi, I’m Elsa Prahl. I’m a senior and I’m president of Chicken Club.

Chicken Club was founded two years ago as an Odyssey project and last year it got turned into a club. This year we’re really excited about doing more clubbish things and activities. We’ll be having chicken walks around campus. We’ve actually got little leashes for them to walk around and be safe. We went to an eco-fair and showed off the chickens to a bunch of kids. It’s just been a whole lot of fun and we get to show the students where their food comes from, which is really missing from the world today. People don’t know where their food comes from.

This is where the chickens live. They’ve got a coop with some roosts in it where they sleep at night. They lay all their eggs in here. The coop was built last year by Dr. Hagood and I. Before that, there was a slightly different coop. This one is bigger. We got them an in-ground pool over there for them to take dust baths in. The dust baths just help prevent parasites, so it’s really good for them to have a place to bathe. They have some shade from the tree and the umbrella, a bunch of fresh water and pellet food.

Our chickens lay about an egg every other day. The most common question that I get is if we need a rooster for the chickens to lay eggs or how to we get eggs if you don’t have a rooster. They don’t need a rooster to lay eggs.

I joined the Chicken Club at the start of last year just because there was something in Hendrix Today about Chicken Club and I thought, “Chicken Club! That’s weird. That’s kind of quirky.” So I just walked over and started hanging out with the chickens. They’re just silly and fun. There’s always something to do, something different to learn, people to hang out with. It’s great.

Any student that wants to stop by and play with the chickens is more than welcome to – even if you want to pick up an egg, that’s awesome. All the chicken club members are welcome to eggs and the Hendrix community, in general. If you’re interested in upcoming events, they’ll have posters around stuff in Hendrix Today and Table Talk, too. If you’d like to, we have a bulletin board by the coop so you can leave a note there and I’ll contact you if you leave your contact information.