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Hendrix Alumna Immerses in Extreme Science in Antarctica

Antarctica Science

CONWAY, Ark. (April 23, 2013) – Meredith Miles, a 2012 Hendrix graduate recently returned from a two-month science cruise in Antarctica. 

Miles is a first-year graduate student studying biogeochemistry in the Hansell Lab at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. 

"Lucky for me, my first significant research cruise has brought me to a region of the world more mysterious and wonderful than I could have ever imagined," Miles wrote in her blog. "I spend a portion of my time learning from other research groups on board as a crash course in Oceanography 101 but I also have my own responsibilities in the lab."

"Primarily, I collect seawater samples from a device that collects water from great depths (called CTD rosette) to analyze ‘nuts’ or nutrients (namely phosphate, silicic acid and nitrate), which are essential players in the biochemistry of the Ross Sea," she added.

Read the cruise blog or watch a video about the project!

"Traditionally, chemistry has been seen as a field in which you spend long hours behind fume hoods inside the confounds of a laboratory," said Hendrix chemistry professor Dr. Courtney Hatch, who was Miles’ undergraduate research advisor. "Today, students are beginning to find out that chemistry is all around us. The environment holds so many unknown and significant mysteries just waiting to be discovered."

"Considering the complexity of our environment, we cannot simply rely on controlled experiments in the lab to shed light on these anymore," Hatch added. "Having to actually go to where the science is, no matter how exotic, is just an added bonus."

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