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After Internship, Sophomore Sees Sunday School Teaching in the Future

Alex Paslidis '15, a psychology major from Sedona, Ariz., is an intern this fall at FaithSpring United Methodist Church in Little Rock.

Describe your internship

I am an intern at FaithSpring United Methodist Church. I work with the K-4th grade students. I help with the crafts and snack-time.

What are you doing and learning in your internship?

I am not Methodist, so I am learning a lot about the religion and the inner workings of a church. Not to mention that this is a relatively new and extremely modern church. I was raised in a very traditional church with very traditional ways. This church is for those people who have been burned by churches before, or have never been to church in general. I love this opportunity to grow in my faith and learn about other branches of religion. This is so different than what I've been raised around and is exceptionally exciting for me. I have learned much from the church, but also from the people as well. The FaithSpring community is so loving and welcoming; it is shocking and delightful all in one.

Why did you pursue this opportunity?

I love working with children, and I am religious. This opportunity jumped out at me and I thought to take it up to get some experience.

How did you find out about this opportunity?

I went to the internship fair, heard about the volunteer board in the SLTC, and went to look at it.

 Previous internships, Odyssey experiences, or related classes at Hendrix:

This is my first internship, Odyssey experience, and first religious anything at Hendrix. I mainly looked at the board and this jumped out at me, so I took it.

How is this opportunity related to your personal interests and/or professional goals?

I have always adored children and have seen the importance in religion at a young age. This internship is fun-filled and educational for me, the children, and FaithSpring (they've never had an intern before). Professionally, this is unrelated, but I know that I will want to be a Sunday school teacher in my adult life.