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Tinsley Uses Taters to Teach


Todd TinsleyDr. Todd TinsleyCONWAY, Ark. (Sept. 2, 2011) – Just a couple of weeks into the fall semester and Hendrix College physics professor Dr. Todd Tinsley has already brought a gun to class.

Fortunately for Public Safety, it was a potato gun, not a firearm. And no potatoes were harmed or wasted during the demonstration. Tinsley, a 1998 Hendrix graduate, substituted the starch with Play-doh.

“This is a real-world demonstration of two-dimensional projectile motion,” he said. “We use the Play-doh cannon to achieve high speeds for the projectile.”

“At these speeds (>80mph), air resistance is important,” he said. “And we can ask students to compare and contrast the object's motion with that of the standard idealized model with no drag.”

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