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New NSF Grant Awarded to Hendrix Biology Professor Duina

CONWAY, Ark. (August 13, 2020) — Dr. Andrea Duina, a professor of biology and chair of the biochemistry-molecular biology program at Hendrix College, has received a three-year, $480,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) that will help undergraduate students gain new insights into some of the fundamental mechanisms that regulate how genes are utilized by cells. This grant is the latest in a series of NSF grants awarded to Duina for research that increases the scientific community’s understanding of life beginning at the cellular level. 

“Since proper gene regulation is essential for most cellular and organismal functions, these studies address questions with far-ranging implications,” Duina said. “For our studies, we use the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as the model system, and given the high degree of functional conservation across all life forms, findings from these studies will shed new light into processes relevant to all organisms, including humans.”

This grant, one of five received by Duina from the NSF for undergraduate research in his lab at Hendrix, will provide more opportunities for Hendrix students to carry out cutting-edge research. 

“Students will further develop their skills in various aspects of the scientific process, including experimental design and execution, data interpretation and evaluation, science communication to other scientists and to the general public, and critical evaluation of current research literature,” Duina said. 

In addition to the grant’s direct benefit to students who conduct research in Duina’s laboratory, it will have an expanded impact at Hendrix through the elements of this project that Duina plans to incorporate into some of the courses he teaches.

“This NSF grant also stands as a testament to Hendrix’s strong commitment in promoting state-of-the art STEM undergraduate research on campus,” he said. “Hendrix can be proud of its role in developing well-rounded and well-prepared scientists.”

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