Music Department

Music Department Learning Goals

Learning goals for both majors and minors:

  1. An understanding of and practice of music as a creative medium and performing art, which demands a cyclical process of applying materials from the classroom into performance and reflecting on them, all as part of the experiential learning inherent in musical performance.
  2. An understanding of the theoretical basis for music as practiced in our culture and the development of skills (sight singing, aural skills, and keyboard harmony) to demonstrate understanding and practical competency.
  3. Knowledge of the history of Western art music and the traditions practiced in other cultures, including an understanding of the evolution of specific genres, styles, and musical philosophies; 
  4. The ability to conduct basic research in music and to communicate ideas and information coherently in both written and oral formats.

Learning goals for non-majors:

An understanding of and experience with music as either a performing art, an academic discipline, a cultural expression, or a creative medium.