Music Department

Studio Instruction (Individual Music Lessons)

The Hendrix College Music Department offers private applied music instruction in piano, organ, voice, and standard orchestral and band instruments to all students, including beginners. Weekly half hour lessons (MUSA 300) are available to all students without audition; admission to hour lessons (MUSA 400) requires an audition with the music faculty.

Fees for music instruction are $150 per semester for half hour lessons and $300 per semester for hour lessons. These fees are waived for students holding music scholarships. Students enrolled in half hour lessons earn .25 course credit per semester, and those enrolled in hour lessons earn .50 course credit per semester. The College has a limited number of instruments which can be provided to students enrolled in applied lessons and ensembles.

Applied music lessons may be used to meet the Expressive Arts learning domain and to earn Odyssey Artistic Creativity credit.

Studio Teachers


  • Timothy Allen, organ and piano
  • John Krebs, piano


  • Alisa Coffey, harp  
  • Magdalena Ryszkowski, violin
  • Jacob Wunsch, cello


  • Linda Austin
  • Sarah Stankiewicz

Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion

  • Tylar Bullion, low brass
  • Lorraine Duso, oboe, bassoon
  • Brian Elizondo, percussion
  • Stephen James, trumpet
  • Barry McVinney, Jazz Band, clarinet, and saxophone
  • Brent Shires, horn
  • Alicia Williams, flute