• Music Department

    Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty

    Matt Golladay, 2023- Director of the Wind Ensemble M.M., University of Arkansas at Monticello, 2019
    B.M., Northern Illinois University, 2009
    Krebs, John
    John Krebs, 1992- Willis H. Holmes Distinguished Professor of Music B.M., Northwestern University, 1978
    M.M., University of Illinois, 1980
    D.M.A., University of Maryland, 1991
    Morgan, Andrew
    Andrew Morgan, 2014- Associate Professor of MusicChair, Department of Music B.M., University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2003
    M.M., Temple University, 2009
    D.M.A., University of Minnesota, 2014
    Renshaw James, Gretchen
    Gretchen Renshaw James, 2015- Nancy and Craig Wood Odyssey Associate Professor of Music B.M., Pennsylvania State University, 2010
    M.M., University of Arkansas, 2012
    M.M., Michigan State University, 2015
    D.M.A., Michigan State University, 2015
  • Staff

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    Timothy Allen Adjunct Teaching Staff B.A., Cambridge University, 1984
    M.A., Cambridge University, 1987
    00 No Photo Available
    Linda Austin Adjunct Teaching Staff B.A., Ouachita Baptist University, 1970
    00 No Photo Available
    Lorraine C. Duso Adjunct Teaching Staff B.M., Indiana University, 1985
    M.M., Manhattan School of Music, 1987
    D.M.A., University of Michigan, 1998
    Brian Elizondo, 2021- Adjunct Instructor B.M., University of Central Arkansas, 2010
    M.M. , University of Central Arkansas, 2014
    Ph.D. , Louisiana State University, Expected 2023
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    Stephen James Adjunct Teaching Staff B.A., Virginia Tech, 2002
    D.M.A., Michigan State University, 2013
    McVinney, Barry
    Barry McVinney Adjunct Teaching Staff B.A., SUNY at Fredonia, 1977
    M.M., University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 1980
    D.M.A., University of Texas at Austin, 1994
    00 No Photo Available
    Magdalena Ryszkowski Adjunct Teaching Staff B.M., Montclaire State University , 2001
    M.A., Montclaire State University, 2003
    Chris Sharpe
    Chris Sharpe Adjunct Teaching Staff B.M., University of Tennessee, 2012
    M.M., University of North Texas, 2014
    D.M.A., University of North Texas, 2019
    00 No Photo Available
    Brent A. Shires Adjunct Teaching Staff B.M., State University of New York-Potsdam, 1990
    M.M., Northern Illinois University, 1992
    D.M.A., University of Illinois, 2008
    00 No Photo Available
    Sarah Stankiewicz Adjunct Teaching Staff B.M., Oberlin, 2003
    M.M., Indiana University, 2006
    D.M.A., Indiana University, 2013
    00 No Photo Available
    Alicia G. Williams Adjunct Teaching Staff B.M., University of Central Arkansas, 2004
    M.M., University of Central Arkansas, 2008
    M.A., University of Central Arkansas, 2011
    Susan Ablondi Photo
    Susan Ablondi Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant B.A., The College of William and Mary, 1989