Music Department

Karen Griebling Works List

Vocal Music:
Early Songs (1970-1976):
poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay; Youthful Songs (1976-1980); assorted texts

Four Romances for Soprano, Oboe, Viola and Harpsichord* (1980/1989)

Sonnetta*; text by Edna St. Vincent Millay, (1982/1985)

Five Tzu Yeh Songs* for Soprano and Piano (1981)

Three Sonnets* for Soprano, Viola and Piano, poems by Millay

Five Songs* for Soprano and Guitar; texts by Janine Pommy-Vega (1984)

Songs from Eric's Book for High Voice, Oboe, Viola, Double Bass and Piano; texts and permission granted by Eric Crozier (1994)

Six Lyrics for David; tenor, viola, and piano; texts by W. B. Yeats

Nine Songs from This Dancing Ground of Sky; Soprano and chamber orchestra; texts by Peggy Pond Church, for Aura through the Sarafim Commission of the University of Houston (1999)

Ch'in Songs for mezzo soprano, viola and piano.  Text by Li Po (2001)

Keyboard Music:

Early Piano Pieces (1970-1976)

Variations for Organ (1973) manuscript

Elegie for Harp (1975) Piano Sonata #1* (1980) for John Sharpley

Bagatelles* (1982)

Rondo Lachrymosa for Harp (1994)

Sentimental Soft Shoe (1995)

Totentanz for Organ (1997)

Piano Sonata #2 for John Krebs (1998)

Wind Solo and Ensemble:

Two Etudes for Two Clarinets* (1975)

Meditation and Humoresque for Oboe and Tuba* (1976)

Five Miniatures for Flute and Bassoon (1976)

Sonata for Solo English Horn* (1978) for Richard Kravchak

Divertimento for Two Horns* (1980)

Fanfare for Brass Quintet (1987)

Summer Muse for Clarinet and English Horn* (1992) for Richard Kravchak and Julia Heinen

Postcards from London for Alto Saxophone* (1994) or Jackie Lamar

Formations for Alto Flute, English Horn, Clarinet and Piano* (1994)

Silver Rose Variations for Clarinet and Piano (1995)

Sonata for Solo Tenor Saxophone (1997) for Jackie Lamar

Spirals for Tuba Solo (1999)

Prelude for a New Millennium for Solo Trumpet and Brass Ensemble (2001)

String Solo and Ensemble:

String Quartet I* (1970)

String Quartet II* (1971)

String Quartet III* (1972)

Piano Quintet (1974)

Berceuse for 'Cello and Piano (1974)

Musica Doloris for Viola and Piano (1974)

Three Viola Pieces (1974)

Five Sketches for Viola (1975)

Five Little Viola Pieces (1975)

String Quartet IV* (1975)

Sonata #1 for Viola and Piano* (1976) for Edward Ormond

Sonata #2 for Viola and Piano (1987) for OMTA Composer of the Year commission

Quintet for Oboe and Piano (1978)

Two Sonatas for Unaccompanied Violin (1978, 1980)

String Quartet V *(1981)

Violettes for Two Violas* (1984)

Three Suites from Bernarda Alba for vioin, viola and piano* (1986)

String Quartet VI "Dancing Ground of the Sun" *(1993) for the Quapaw Quartet

String Quartet VII "Billets Doux" (1995) for the Quapaw Quartet

String Quartet VIII "Coyote Dreams" (2001) for the Arts Partners

Sonata for Violin and Piano (2002) for Danny Liu

Mixed Chamber Ensembles:

Mask for Flute, 'Cello and Harpsichord (1984) for the Huntingdon Trio

Variations for Flute, Viola and 'Cello (1989)

Caprice for Violin, Clarinet and Piano (1991)

Piano Trio for Flute, 'Cello and Piano (1992)

Sonata a Due for Viola and Trombone* (1992)

Sonata Concertante for Clarinet, Viola and Piano* (1993)

Petroglyph Dances I for Oboe d'Amore and Viola (1997)

Petroglyph Dances II for Tenor Sax, Viola, and Piano (1999)

Asian Souvenirs for flute, horn, bassoon, 'cello, piano and timpani (2001)

Choral Music:

Early Choral Works (1970-1976) including "The Reed" SSA, and "Prediction" SATB

Psalm 61 for Chorus and Orchestra (1974)

Psalm 130 for Chorus and Orchestra (1975)

Arsis Cantata for Chorus, soprano solo and chamber orchestra; texts from the bible and by Gerard Manley Hopkins (1975)

Three Love Poems*; SSAA, Harp and Percussion; texts by Walt Whitman (1977)

Two Carols SATB (1979)

Psalms 19 and 121*; SATB and organ (1982) for First Congregational Church, Akron

Gloria, Cantata for Chorus, Soprano, Tenor and Orchestra (1988); texts from the Bible and by Hilda Doolittle

Orchestra Music:

Overture (1978)

Concerto Grosso for Clarinet (Viola), English Horn, Harpsichord and String Orchestra (1984/1990)

Celebration! Overture for large orchestra (1994)

Fiesta Impressions: El Cantor Zozobroso and El Bailador Zozobroso for large orchestra (1997)

The Leaf Monster, Concertino for Viola, Narrator and Small Orchestra (1998)

Elegy in Memoriam 9/11 (2001)

Fanfare: 125 (2002)

Stage Works:

Johnny Appleseed: A Ballet for Children (Piano*/Orchestra) 1984

The House of Bernarda Alba; Tragic Grand Opera 1986 libretto by Karen Griebling adapted from "The House of Bernarda Alba" by Federico Garcia Lorca

The Tale of The Roly Poly Pudding: An Opera for Children (Piano) 1995; libretto adapted by Karen Griebling from "The Tale of Samuel Whiskers" by Beatrix Potter

Books and Articles:

Musicianship Skills for Beginners (4th ed., 1998) c. Musicalligraphics

Musicianship Skills for Beginners Teachers' Edition (4th. ed., 1998) c. Musicalligraphics


Creating The House of Bernarda Alba, 90 min.,New Hampshire Music Festival

Postcards from London, a collaborative effort 15 min. preconcert lectureUniversity of Central Arkansas Faculty Colloquium, Arkansas Governor's School, Aegis Gifted and Talented Program

Formations, 15 min. preconcert lecture at Valdosta State University

El Bailador Zozobroso, 15 min.preconcert lecture for the Lake Forest Symphony and the Arkansas Symphony Orchestras

The Influence of the Southwest in my work, 90 min.Hendrix College Faculty Colloquium, Arkansas Governor's School

Petroglyph Dances, shaking hands with the Anasazi 15 min. preconcert lecture atArkansas Governor's School

Thoughts on Composing, 1 hr. Arkansas Governor's School, 1999

5 Composing Masterclasses at The University of Houston, March, 2000.

Scores are available from the composer.