Multicultural Student Services

International Ambassadors


Help new international and exchange students better adjust to Hendrix College, the campus community, and the United States through social interaction. Enhance international students’ satisfaction with their college experience.


  • Opportunity to form a one-on-one relationship with international and exchange students.
  • Increase your cultural awareness and understanding through training and interaction.
  • Participate in activities in which both Ambassadors and international students can interact and gain cultural awareness through meaningful and enjoyable experiences.


The formal International Ambassador Program is a full school year commitment, however it can be as short as a semester if you will be studying abroad, or if your paired international student is only attending Hendrix for one semester. There is an implied commitment on your part that you will, to the greatest extent possible, help the new student in the first semester of adjustment to life in the U.S. and Hendrix College.


  • Provide information about the Hendrix campus
  • Elucidate American culture and social mores that may not exist in students’ home countries, and in turn be open to and respectful of their culture
  • Give students advice on transportation and housing
  • Assist new students in identifying resources such as shopping, banking, food, entertainment, dry cleaning, laundry, and other local services
  • Explain course registration process (Do not offer academic advice)
  • Offer to drive students or help them shop (optional)
  • Call a student to see how he/she is doing
  • Participate in activities or attend events on campus with the student
  • Abide by and support all Hendrix College rules and regulations
  • Exercise tolerance of human diversity, including race, nationality, language, religion, gender, economic status, sexual orientation, physical ability, etc.
  • Make a minimum of 3 contacts with the student during the first month and at least once every 2 or 3 weeks thereafter