The Office for Diversity and Inclusion

Hendrix Diversity Committees

Committee on Diversity and Dialogue

Advises the campus on the promotion of a welcoming and diverse community that supports the inclusion and belonging of every member. In collaboration with a range of college offices, facilitates dialogue through a variety of programming, offers advising about relevant programs, and serves as a resource for the community at large. 


2023-2024 MEMBERS

  • Director of Academic Success: Julie Brown
  • Coordinator of Multicultural Student Services: Karisa McAlister
  • Coordinator of LGBTQ Student Services: Dr. Izat El-Amoor
  • Student Senate Representative: Adriana Rabell Lopez
  • Multicultural Development Committee Representative: Somi Mathews
  • Committee on Gender and Sexuality Representative
  • 3 Faculty-at-large: Dr. Toni Jaudon (Chair), Dr. Leslie Zorwick, and Dr. Latorya Hicks

Trustees' Committee on Student Life, Diversity and Inclusion and Athletics 


  • Ruth Bernabe, Co-Chair (Chair, Diversity and Inclusion)
  • TJ Ticey, Co-Chair (Student Life and Athletics)  
  • Carolyn Miller (Past Vice-Chair, Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Mark Norman
  • Marquita Norman
  • Sara Pair
  • Staff Liaisons:  
    Mike LeBlanc, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
    Amy Weaver, Director of Athletics and the Wellness and Athletic Center