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Multicultural Student Organizations

Arab Language and Culture Club

The Arab Language and Culture Club aims to raise cultural awareness amongst members of the Hendrix community. They aspire to teach the Arabic language to members of the organization while cultivating an understanding of the Arab culture as it pertains to the history and current events of the Middle East. Contact: Shawqui Musallam (

Asian Cultures Club (ACC)

ACC provides fellowship among students for the purpose of learning about Asian Cultures and students in the Hendrix Community. The organization strives to unite students of all cultures and ethnic identities for the purpose of fulfilling one shared goal. Membership is open to any Hendrix student. Contact: Terri Tran (

Disability Awareness Club (DAC)

The Disability Awareness Club (DAC) is a student organization whose goal is to raise awareness regarding the different kinds of disability, no matter physical, psychological, or emotional. We hope to build and strengthen relationships between those with and without disabilities, and to make the Hendrix campus accessible to all. Membership is open to all students, faculties, and staff. Contact: Sai Techawongtham (

Friends of India

The Hendrix College Friends of India Association aims at providing a platform for students to learn about and celebrate Indian culture. The organization’s purpose is to offer an engaging social setting for those interested in Indian culture and to provide a way to bridge Hendrix with the larger Indian community of Central Arkansas, giving students information and opportunities to attend local events celebrating Indian holidays, traditions, food, and film. Contact: David Addepalli (  


Hillel is a Jewish cultural organization, focused on providing a safe place for Jews on campus to practice familiar traditions finding creative ways to share and educate our fellow students about Jewish Culture. Hillel hosts bi-monthly dinners, concerts, and holiday themed events throughout the school year. Contact: Hannah Liebermann at (

International Club

The aim is to increase interest and awareness of the cultures, languages and general customs of other nations. The organization also hosts regular outdoor and field trip opportunities for exchange and international students, along with administrative meetings, film showings and literature readings.  Membership is open to any Hendrix student. Contact: Kelly Gray ( or Carlee Shepard (

Japanese Language and Culture Club

The purpose of this club is to provide students with opportunities to increase their awareness of, deepen their appreciation for, and receive information on the many facets of Japanese culture and Japanese language. The club will focus on creating an inviting environment for students with all levels of knowledge who are interested in the customs and creations of Japan. The Japanese Language and Culture Club will also provide the larger Hendrix Community with many traditional events to encourage dissemination of knowledge across campus. Contact: Recebecca Levin ( or Connor Onitsuka (

Multicultural Development Committee (MDC)

MDC is dedicated to developing multicultural and international perspectives through educational, social, and cultural programming.  The organization promotes personal growth, community education, and positive social change by examining issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, and disability. Contact: Grishma Patel at (

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The Hendrix Muslim Student Association aims to provide a communal setting for Muslims to practice their religious customs and an educational  platform to educate students of other religious affiliations about Islam. Contact: Mohammad Ali ( or Alisha Khan (

Multiracial Student Coalition (MRSC)

The purpose of this club is to create a safe space for students that identify as multiracial, are in interracial relationships, or come from transracial families. This club will host bi-weekly general meeting, informative panels, and food events with the purpose of creating visibility and a community for students to share their experiences. Contact: Ploy Freebairn (

Ngoma Africa Students Association (NASA)

N.A.S.A is a student organization that seeks to educate its members as well as the rest of Hendrix community about the incredible diversity of Africa as a continent through discussions, food events, and other events that embody several aspects of the African identity. As an organization, N.A.S.A strives to build meaningful relationships with anyone interested in learning more about Africa. Contact: Mary Ingabire (

Organization for Latino Expressions (OLE)

OLE will encourage and promote the Hispanic culture, history, and language. OLE will also serve as a collective and unified voice in matters concerning the interest and needs of Hispanic students at Hendrix College. Membership is open to any Hendrix student. Contact: Nancy Velasquez (

Students for Black Culture (SBC)

SBC is an organization designed to create an awareness and stimulate an appreciation of black's contributions to society. The organization consists of students wanting to advance the club's purpose by inviting speakers, utilizing educational resources, and increasing the community's awareness through films, discussions, and performances. Membership is open to any Hendrix Student. Contact Ebony Ivory at (