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    Student Organizations

  • The following list represents currently active student organizations at Hendrix College. Please be advised that some contact information may be outdated as Student Organizations transition to new officers. (Pending) indicates that an organization is still in the process of being officially recognized and eligible for funding through the student senate.

    To find out more about any group, please contact Student Activities at activities@hendrix.edu or 501-450-1291.

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    Active Minds
    Contact: Lexus Raney and Jillian Tofukuji
    Advisor: Julie Brown

    Advocates for World Health
    Contact: Alysha Hemani
    Advisor: Dominique Kelleybrew

    Alpha Epsilon Delta
    Contact: Quy Pham
    Advisor: Mark Sutherland
    Description: Alpha Epsilon Delta is the National Health Preprofessional Honor Society dedicated to the encouragement and recognition of excellence in preprofessional health scholarship. Our Society welcomes all students engaged in the pursuit of a professional development, provides a forum for students with common interests, and extends a program of service to benefit the community.

    Alpha Psi Omega
    Contact: Yasmin Newman
    Advisor: Kane Anderson

    American Chemical Society
    Contact: Grant Zurcher
    Advisor: Dr. Caro

    Amnesty International
    Contact: Elizabeth Evans
    Advisor: Dr. Capek

    Animal Rights and Rescue 
    Contact: Hannah McCarthy
    Advisor: Darryl Manes

    Anime Club
    Contact: Candyce Sarringar

    The Aonian (Literary Arts)
    Contact: Ellie Black
    Advisor: Tyrone Jaeger
    Description: The Aonian is Hendrix's student run and student published annual literary magazine, publishing and awarding both visual arts and creative writing.

    Arab Language and Culture Club
    Contact: Iad Alhallak
    Advisor: Dominique Kelleybrew
    Description: The Arab Language and Culture Club aims to raise cultural awareness amongst members of the Hendrix community.  They aspire to teach the Arabic language to members of the organization while cultivating an understanding of the Arab culture as it pertains to the history and current events of the Middle East.  

    Athletes in Action
    Contact: Amber Melcher and Garret Wolf
    Advisor: Kim Porter

    Badminton Club
    Contact: Quy Pham
    Advisor: Wenjia

    Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Club
    Contact: Miracline Ebijoyheldas
    Advisor: Dr. Duina
    Description: The BCMB Club promotes the application of biochemistry and molecular biology by arranging lectures given by various current researchers in the field.  

    Bike Revolution
    Contact: Graham Harris & Tejas Soman
    Advisor: Britt Murphy

    Biological Society (HBS)
    Contact: Ginny Mitchell
    Advisor: Andrew Schurko
    Constitution: PDF 
    Description: Associated with the National Biological Honor Society Tri-Beta, this organization holds monthly meetings with speakers on biological topics membership to HBS is open to all students, and Tri-Beta membership is absed on GPA in biology classes.

    Best Buddies
    Contact: Leah Smith
    Advisor: Leslie Zorwick
    Description: Best Buddies seeks to create mutually enriching one-to-one friendships between people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and provide the opportunity for people with IDD to be involved in our campus and community life.

    Buthman Historical Society (Pending)
    Contact: Emily Hardick and Ian Goza
    Advisor: John Hancock

    Campus Kitty Committee
    Contact: Kendra Schwartz
    Advisor: Tonya Hale
    Constitution: PDF
    Description: Campus Kitty has been a part of Hendrix College since 1949 as a non-profit organization that raises money for local charities. Campus Kitty plans and implements a week-long series of charity fundraising events geared toward the entire campus every spring. Campus Kitty Week is one of the most popular times of the year at Hendrix, and culminates in the most anticipated night of the year--the Miss Hendrix Pageant. In its first year, Campus Kitty raised $800 for the Conway community and has since continued to grow and help Conway charities meet their goals and needs by providing for the citizens of Conway. Last year, Campus Kitty raised more than $38,000 in money and goods, providing for 10 local charities.

    Catholic Campus Ministry
    Contact: Nick Baltz
    Advisor: Dr. Murray
    Constitution: PDF
    Description: Open to all of those who are interested or members of the Catholic faith. We offer opportunities to learn and grown in the faith. Events include small group sessions focused around scripture and various events designed in conjunction with University of Central Arkansas CCM as well.

    Chi Alpha Ministries
    Contact: Sean Criswell
    Advisor: Rod Miller

    Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation (C.A.S.E.)

    Contact: Alec Zills
    Advisor: Jim Wiltgen

    Committee On Gender and Sexuality (COGS)
    Contact: Savannah Hendrix
    Advisor: Jim Wiltgen

    Competitive Gaming
    Contact: Eric Huynh
    Advisor: Stan Rauh
    Description:  HCG is a group participating in Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Table top gaming, and fantasy card gaming.  They compete as a part of the international Starleague as well as the Riot College League, participating in online and offline tournaments.  

    Culinary Club
    Contact: Rachel Allmon and Abby Rains
    Advisor: Dawn Hearne
    Description: The Culinary Club is a student-run organization that brings Hendrix foodies together to share their interest in cooking.  Twice a month during Culinary Club's meetings, members prepare Saturday dinner together in the cafeteria's kitchen.  The Culinary Club also caters various events, including The Red Brick Film Festival, Toga, and the Hays Memorial Scholars Dinner. 

    Disability Awareness Club

    Contact: Sai Techawongtham
    Advisor: Julie Brown
    Description: The Disability Awareness Club (DAC) is a student organization whose goal is to raise awareness regarding the different kinds of disability, no matter physical, psychological, or emotional. We hope to build and strengthen relationships between those with and without disabilities, and to make the Hendrix campus accessible to all. Membership is open to all students, faculties, and staff.

    Disc Golf Club

    Contact: Charlie McCracken
    Advisor: Jim Wiltgen
    Description: The disc golf club provides an outlet for students of all skill levels to learn and play the sport of disc golf either in a relaxed or competitive setting. 

    East Asian Cultural Club 
    Contact: John Tran
    Advisor: Dominique Kelleybrew

    Environmental Concerns Committee (ECC)
    Contact: Allison Monroe
    Advisor: Maureen McClung
    Description: The Hendrix College Environmental Concerns Committee aims to serve as a campus advocate and teacher of environmental justice.  We hold events and campaigns on campus that encourage students to think globally about their impact on the world, such as the weekly Free Store, the Earth Day celebration, glass recycling, dish check out program, Housing Unite Representatives, and much more!  Have a suggestion for what the E.C.C. could be doing better? Tell us via email, on our website, on Facebook, or in person at our Thursday bi-weekly meetings!

    Economics, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (ESTEM) Club (Pending)
    Contact: Brianna LeBouef & Kaersti McClellan
    Advisor: Dr. MacDonald

    Filmmakers Club
    Contact: Kennedy Reynolds & Mary-Katherine Nail
    Advisor: Travis Peeples
    Description: The Hendrix Filmmakers is a student-run organization focused on giving Hendrix student the means to create their own independent films as well as educating them in the proper techniques of film making.  

    Film Society

    Contact: Christian Leus
    Advisor: Kristi McKim
    Description: The Hendrix Film Society provides regular screenings of classic and contemporary films from around the world. We frequently host film series that explore particular themes (Spaghetti Westerns, Romance, Children in Cinema, Halloween Horror) but we also occasionally show individual films without an accompanying series. In addition, sometimes we host larger events -- a campus visit from a cinema scholar or filmmaker, group outings to Market Street cinema in Little Rock, and Oscar Parties -- but our main focus is providing an outlet on campus for students interested in harder-to-find films, world cinema, and cinephilic culture in general.

    Fishing Club
    Contact: Neal Parsons
    Advisor: Buck Buchanan

    French Club
    Contact: Emily joy Seminara
    Advisor: Cathy Jellenik
    Description: The French Club is dedicated to the cultivation of the whole person which includes a familiarity with foreign cultures.  The French Club aims to help students to continue their growth as global citizens by increasing knowledge and enthusiasm regarding French and Francophone language and culture.  

    Friends of India
    Contact: Grishma Patel
    Advisor: Bill Gorvine

    Garden Club
    Advisor: Zach Green
    Constitution: MSWord
    Description: The Garden Club provides the students, staff, and people associated with Hendrix a place to grow and learn about food, as well as a place to interface with nature.

    German Club
    Contact: Ryan Spainhour
    Advisor: Wayne Oudekerk
    Constitution: MSWord /PDF 
    Description: German Club organizes interesting and fun activities around campus (e.g. German Coffee hour, Oktoberfest, Fall of the Wall Day, a German Christman party, music/game/film events, Immersion Weekend, etc.) to promote awareness of and interest in the languages and cultures of the German-speaking world.

    Habitat for Humanity
    Contact:  Krys Stetler
    Advisor: Wayne Oudekerk
    Constitution: PDF 
    Description: Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, Christian organization founded upon the ideal of providing simple, affordable housing for low-income families regardless of race or relation.  Members of Hendrix for Habitat volunteer and work alongside Habitat for humanity of Faulkner County and other non-profits in their aim for building decent shelter, both on a community basis and worldwide.  The school year's worth of builds culminate in an annual spring break trip, in which a group of students travel to another area to volunteer for the week.

    Health Squad
    Contact: Ana Poole
    Description: Hendrix Health Squad aims to promote healthy decisions through education and development of Hendrix students.  They hope to address health issues related to college-aged students by increasing awareness to the student body and encouraging open dialogue about healthy choices.

    Hendrix Interfaith 
    Contact: Caitlin Camper
    Advisor: Robert Williamson
    Description: Hendrix Interfaith will create opportunities for students of diverse religious, spiritual, and philosophical commitments to build relationships of appreciative understanding of one another’s traditions, to identify common ground shared by all, and to engage together in action for the betterment of the world.

    Hillel - Jewish Student Associaiton
    Contact: Yahelle Yaccoby
    Advisor: Joshua Glick
    Constitution: MSWord / PDF 
    Description: Hillel is a Jewish cultural organization, focused on providing a safe place for Jewish students on campus to practice familiar traditions and to find creative ways to share and educate our fellow students about Jewish Culture.  Hillel hosts bi-monthly dinners, concerts, and holiday themed events throughout the school year.  

    Hockey Club
    Contact: Ryan Murray
    Advisor: Rick Murray

    Innovators Society

    Contact: Nick Maynard
    Advisor: John Steward

    International Club

    Contact: Wendy Tang
    Advisor: Gwen Stockwell
    Constitution: PDF 
    Description: International club's purpose is to broaden the Hendrix community's knowledge of other cultures and countries while also forming personal relationships with international students. 

    KHDX 93.1 FM
    Contact: Jacob Turner
    Advisor: Maureen McClung, Tonya Hale
    Constitution: MSWord / PDF 
    Description: Hendrix' student run radio station KHDX provides an outlet for Hendrix radio DJs to broadcast as well as books music for select campus events.  

    Mock Trial
    Contact: Claire Frueauff
    Advisor: Jay Barth
    Description: Mock Trial aims to provide students who have an interest in learning court procedure with an opportunity to perform and compete against other schools in mock trial competitions.

    Multicultural Development Committee (MDC)
    Contact: Anusheh Ali
    Advisor: Dominique Kelleybrew
    Constitution: MSWordPDF 
    Description: The MDC plans programming to encourage intercultural dialogue and campus cohesion, while advocating for student organizations under the Multicultural and International Student Services office- like Students for Black Culture, Asian Cultures Club, UNITY, and more.

    Multiracial Students Association (MRSA)
    Contact: Ploy Freebairn
    Advisor: Mike Miyawaki

    Muslim Student Association
    Contact: Anusheh Ali
    Advisor: Dominique Kelleybrew

    Neuroscience Club
    Advisor: Rick Murray

    Ngoma African Students Association
    Contact: Breann Forbes
    Advisor: Dominique Kelleybrew & Allison Shutt

    Organization for Latino Expressions (OLE')

    Advisor: Lilian Conteras-Silva
    Description: OLE' exists to promote and raise enthusiasm for Hispanic and Latin American contributions and their culture.  

    Operation Smile

    Advisor: Leigh Lassiter-Counts

    Outdoor Club and Climbing Coalition
    Contact: Sam Carlson
    Advisor: James Dow
    Description: The outdoor club strives to give students the opportunity to experience the outdoors in ways they never though they could.  We provide trips, knowledge, and good company to places all over AR.  Our trips range from canoeing to hiking.  We are very open and inviting so please take some time to come experience the outdoors. 

    Phi Beta Lambda
    Contact: Mattie Huber
    Advisor: HIlary Looney

    Philosophical Society
    Contact: Dean Patterson
    Advisor: James Dow

    Pi Mu Epsilon (Mathematics)
    Contact: Candyce Sarringar
    Advisor: David Sutherland
    Description:  Pi Mu Epsilon aims to bring math to the masses on Hendrix campus.  

    Pre-Health Club
    Contact: Schylar Ferguson
    Advisor: Mark Sutherland

    Pre-Law Society
    Contact: Cordell Campbell
    Advisor: Jay Barth
    Description: This organization aims to serve as a medium to prepare Hendrix College Students to be competitive in the law school admissions process, create an awareness of the diversity of fields within the legal profession, and to foster and develop each student's individual interest within the profession. 

    The Profile (Newspaper)
    Contact: Cassey Garrison
    Advisor: Jamie Groat
    Constitution: PDF
    Description: The Profile exists for members of the Hendrix Community and the greater Central Arkansas community that are interested in news relating to Hendrix College.  

    Psychology Club
    Contact: AnastasiaVentrano and Alundra Dickson
    Advisor: Dr. Kennedy

    Advisor: Christy Coker

    Roosevelt Institute
    Contact: Chinag Lala
    Advisor: Peter Gess
    Description: Roosevelt is a student policy organization that engages new generations in a unique form of progressive activism that empowers young people as leaders and promotes their ideas for change.  

    Rowing Club
    Advisor: Marty Wale

    She's The First
    Advisor: Marjorie Swann

    Soccer Club

    Advisor: Matt Kern
    Description: The purpose of Hendrix Soccer Club is to provide a platform for members of the Hendrix community who are passionate about soccer to enjoy the game they love through weekly pick-up soccer games and other social events related to soccer. The organization shall also aim to connect Hendrix with the community of soccer devotees outside Hendrix through organized competitive games.

    Social Committee (SOCO)

    Contact: Brandon Ledding
    Advisor: Tonya Hale
    Constitution: PDF 
    Description: SoCo is responsible for hosting creative, social events on campus.  These range from themed parties to recreational events and film screenings.

    Sociology & Anthropology Club
    Advisor: Stacey Schwartzkopf

    Society of Physics Students
    Contact: Travis Howk
    Advisor: Dr. Gunderson
    Description: The Society of Physics Students is a group meant for students interested in physics.  In this group we have projects and activities as well as speakers. 

    Students Advocating Gender Equality (SAGE)
    Contact: Lex Ellenthall
    Constitution: MSWord
    Description: SAGE seeks to advance social, political, and economic equality for all genders; encourage healthy sexual decisions and decrease harmful sexual behavior; promote a healthy body image and body awareness; and provide a greater understanding of gender equality through open, healthy, and inclusive dialogue about issues relating to gender and sexuality and the education and development of an aware student body and community.

    Student Congress
    Contacts: Nigel Halliday and John McAvey
    Advisor: Dr. Kolev

    Students for Black Culture (SBC)
    Contact: Shamirra Pittman
    Advisor: Alice Hines and Dionne Jackson
    Description: The purpose of SBC shall be to create awareness and to stimulate an appreciation of African-Americans’ contributions to society. Two objectives of SBC is to increase the community’s awareness of and sensitivity to needs and concerns of African-Americans on the local and national levels, through speakers and events and promote unity and cooperative interaction between students and faculty/staff.

    Student Outreach Alternative Resources (SOAR)
    Contact: Zoie Dilley
    Advisor: Christy Coker

    Student Senate
    Contact: Jordan Borst
    Advisor: Jim Wiltgen
    Constitution and Bylaws: PDF
    Description: The Hendrix College Student Senate is your student body government! We're here to help you make Hendrix into the best place it can possibly be. We fund campus events such as SoCo 54, Toga, DAO Week, and more. We find new programs and services just for you like TurboVote and The Unsung Hero Award. We help you voice your opinions to the administration and make sure they are heard, whether its regarding your residence, the environment, your safety, or a cool new idea you have. If you want to learn more about what we door get involved, swing by our website for more information! And remember -you've got a friend in Senate.

    Sword Club
    Contact: Josh Wells
    Advisor: Chris Simon
    Constitution: PDF
    Description: We seek to entertain both ourselves and others through a myriad of games and events featuring fake weapons made out of foam and duck tape. We meet Fridays in the Pecan Court at 3:30 every week, and we welcome anyone and everyone who wants to join us.

    Tea Education Association (TEA)
    Contact: Pete Wills
    Advisor: Anne Goldberg

    Advisor: George Harper
    Description: In order to expand TED's mission of getting "ideas worth spreading" to the world, TEDrix facilitates group discussions and reflections of TED Talks in monthly meetings and hosts live speakers at the TEDx events.  

    Contacts: Cade Tague
    Advisor: Tonya Hale
    Description: Transgender Representation, Advocacy, Networking, and Support at Hendrix (TRANS@HDX) is an organization that seeks to build a stronger community for transgender, nonbinary trans, intersex, gender nonconforming, and questioning students at Hendrix. We are an organization by and for trans students, and we want to establish a safe space for trans umbrella students to exchange ideas and concerns, and also to provide educational resources and establish a forum through which our voices will be heard in the larger Hendrix community.

    The Troubadour (Yearbook)
    Contact: Emily Waller
    Advisor: Alice Hines
    Constitution: PDF
    Description: The Troubadour releases an annual yearbook publication.  It exists for members of the Hendrix community and for the general public as a record-book of the college's school year - covering the academic, athletic, and social dimensions of the college.  

    Ultimate Frisbee (Women's and Men's)
    Contact:  Andrew Fleming
    Advisors: Jennifer Dearolf & Dominique Kelleybrew
    Constitution: PDF 
    Description: The Hendrix Ultimate Frisbee team has much to offer to all those who join.  You will learn awesome frisbee skills, what it means to be a part of the coolest team, and how it feels to compete and improve team bonding.  Whether you have never picked up a frisbee before or already know how to throw, all are welcome to soar with the Flying Squirrels.  We practice three times a week and have occasional throw-a-rounds for anyone who wants to come.  We desire your company greatly!

    Unicycle Club (Pending)
    Contact: Jacob Idec
    Advisor: Duff Campbell

    Contact: Nathan Woodell
    Advisor: Jim Wiltgen

    Unity (LGBTQ+ Student Association)
    Contact: Jamie Jennen
    Advisor: Tonya Hale
    Constitution: MSWord / PDF
    Description: Unity is Hendrix's organization for queer students and their allies.  We focus on community building, activism, and education in equal parts.  Unity has weekly meetings and several major (and majorly fun) events on campus every year.  

    Volunteer Action Committee 
    Contact: Thomas Alexander
    Advisor: Dr. Robert Williamson
    Description: The Volunteer Action Committee (VAC) is a student-led organization that brings students, faculty, and staff together to serve the Conway community and beyond through volunteer initiatives and advocacy events.  VAC holds weekly service projects, called Service Saturdays, in the Conway and Little Rock area, as well as larger events throughout the academic year.  VAC also seeks to promote dialogue among Hendrix students, faculty, and staff through advocacy events.  VAC meetings and events are open to the entire Hendrix campus - everyone can take action and be a part of VAC!

    Water Polo Club
    Contact: Will Matheson
    Advisor: Marty Wale

    Westphalian Society
    Advisor: Daniel Whelan
    Description: This student organization, Hendrix College Westphalian Society (HWS), is purposed with promoting international relations-related programs at Hendrix. Specifically, HWS complements the Model United Nations course-module. The Model UN program at Hendrix is well-known for its perennial success in receiving multiple “Best Delegation” awards at the American Model United Nations (AMUN) conference in Chicago. Beyond that, HWS implements international relations programming, not only at Hendrix, but also across the state of Arkansas. HWS has been effective in both giving back to the Hendrix community and also pairing resources with other groups and institutions. Co-curricular engagement is one of the hallmarks of a Hendrix education. As such, through the pairing of a student organization with a course model and conference-attendance, HWS seeks to embody the fulfillment of Hendrix’s engaged learning mission. 

    Young Democrats
    Contact: Karissa Varga
    Advisor: Jay Barth or Matt Moran
    Constitution: PDF
    Description: This chapter serves to educate the students, faculty, and staff at Hendrix College about the issues that concern the Democratic Party.  It aims to stimulate young men and women to gain an active interest in government affairs at the local, state, national, and international levels.  It serves to promote the ideals of the Democratic Party and to help elect Democratic candidates.