Hendrix Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Reports, Plans, and Policies


Annual Report 2018-2019


Annual Report 2017-2018


Annual Report 2016-2017


2017 Campus Climate Report



Based upon recommendations of President Tsutsui and the committee, our strategic plan includes two overarching goals and nine additional goals to achieve them.

Office for Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan 2017-2022


President Tsutsui emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion within Hendrix's 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.

Hendrix College Strategic Plan 2015-2020

The Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion was formed fall semester of 2015. The charge from President Tsutsui was to make recommendations of specific steps that we can take in the short term and over the longer term to educate and engage the community regarding diversity and inclusion and to improve the campus climate. See the attached recommendations made to the President.


The following are links to the documents containing Hendrix policies and procedures regarding the reporting of incidents of misconduct, harassment, and discrimination: