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Like the City, the 2015 Prague Colloquium was fantastic!

Prague GroupPrague is truly a magical and beautiful city with a long and rich cultural history, and the beer is good too!  The 2015 Colloquium was yet another great success! Sincere thanks to Charles University, the Czech National Bank, and especially to our good friends and gracious hosts: Tomáš Havránek, Jan Babecký, Diana Žigraiová, and Roman Horváth, who made it possible and memorable.PragueGroup2

Rigorous world-class research was presented that has important implications for many practical policy questions and areas of research, including: international development, monetary policy, labor market programs, climate change, innovation intervention, trade, deregulation, income inequality intervention, as well the methods and practice of economics research and meta-analysis—see program . As in previous MAER-Net colloquia, new friends were made, new collaborations formed, new insights gained and new lines of productive research inquiry were revealed. PragueGroup3

Then there was the exquisite Czech food and the tours of the beautiful city and its river.  Did I mention that Czech beer is great? For more pictures and information, see the conference website.


The party continued at Hendrix College, USA, Sept 15-17, 2016.  Did we see you there?

Athens Greece (Sept 11-13, 2014)


 What can you say about the 2014 MAER-Net Colloquium? Interesting research, informative and entertaining discussions, great food, new members, beautiful surroundings, old friends and rich culture; all set next to Athens ancient Acropolis.  Wow, best sums it up.  Program Get Adobe Reader

AthensReception1We are very grateful for the hard work and sincere Greek hospitality of George Magonis, George Chortareas, and the Athens University. Thank you!  The Athens University Museum, our venue, is nestled under the Acropolis with views of the Parthenon and sunsets over the Aegean. 

Thanks to everyone who attended! Although impossible to beat, the Prague Colloquium met the high mark that Athens set.AthensDinner1

2013 Greenwich Colloquium Huge Success!


In the tradition of Sir Christopher Wren and his Royal Society, the colloquium engendered congenial discussions on important questions of scientific methods and practice with applications to the practical affairs of man.  Then there was the perfect weather (yes, in the UK), the beautiful  buildings, the well-organized meetings, and the fun, informative and inspiring sessions!  All happening at an important World Heritage Site. . . Greenwich4


MAER-Net has incurred a large debt to Professor Mehmet Ugur and the University of Greenwich's conference team.  I cannot think how we can ever repay such a large debt, but then neither can Greece!  So let's all just meet next year in Athens to retire old debts and to make new ones.  Thanks also to all of the presenters and participants who made this a very rewarding and special colloquium.  It is only through the goodwill and brilliance of our members that keeps MAER-Net and meta-regression analysis advancing.  Links to the program.  

  2012 Perth MAER-Net Colloquium


At a yacht club on the Indian Ocean, the 2012 MAER-Net Colloquium was all truly wonderful! Thanks Again to Dr. Margaret Giles and to everyone who made the long, but worthwhile, trip.

2011 Cambridge MAER-Net Colloquium


35 presenters came from all continents to Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, UK, Sept 16-18—see program.

2010 Hendrix MAER-Net Colloquium

Download Program

Hendrix99Thanks to all of the participants, Hendrix College, Bill and Connie Bowen and to the many Hendrix students who participated and made it possible.  

2009 Oregon State University MAER-Net Colloquium
October 1-3, 2009

Dr. Randy Rosenberger earned our everlasting gratitude for his generous and meticulous hospitality at the 2009 MAER-Net Colloquium at Oregon State University. Judging by the smiles, fruitful discussions and laughter, the Oregon State University MAER-Net Colloquium was another big success.  Highlights include the sighting of a bobcat in front of the Boy Scout lodge where the banquet was held, and the beautiful sunset over the coastal range seen by all at dinner.  A special note of thanks goes to US EPA for their funding of the workshop.


Workshop international sur la méta-analyse en économie et en sciences de gestion

Université Nancy 2
October 17-18, 2008

Professor Patrice Laroche of Nancy-Université generously and graciously hosted our second annual MAER-Net International Colloquium in beautiful Nancy, France. The culture, the food, the ambiance, and the collegiality were truly wonderful. 

Workshop on Meta-Analysis in Economics and Commerce

Deakin University
November 28, 2009

Deakin University's School of Accounting, Economics and Finance hosted a Workshop on Meta-Analysis in Economics and Commerce, in Melbourne, Australia on November 28, 2008. Fifty professionals from all across the continent came to present and to learn about meta-regression analysis.


Aarhus Colloquium of Meta-Analysis in Economics

sandbjergSandbjergLibAarhus University

In 2007, we had a very successful Colloquium at Sønderborg, Denmark, graciously hosted by Martin Paldam of Aarhus University.

High-quality papers stimulated lively and congenial discussions, both during the seminars and over drinks in the evening. Then, there were the beautiful surroundings, the 18th century Sandbjerg Manor next to the sea and the cognac in the library for evening discussions. Oh the leisure of the theory class!

MASTER-point Colloquium of Meta-Analysis in Economics

University of Amsterdam

Our series of international colloquia on meta-analysis in economics was inaugurated by the 2002 International Colloquium on Meta-Analysis in Economics in Amsterdam. The colloquium was generously hosted by the MASTER-point research group of the Department of Spatial Economics of VU University Amsterdam and organized by Raymond Florax, Angèle Janse and Peter Nijkamp. The MASTER-point colloquium set a very high standard of intellectual and collegial interactions, which solidified a core of international scholars interested in meta-analysis in economics.