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Deadline for presentation proposals for the 2017 MAER-Net Colloquium has been extended to June 15th.  Please submit your proposals soon.  Last year, we had to turn away completed meta-analyses, due to limited session slots, and Conway Arkansas is no Friedrichshafen.

DeLMAR: Research laboratory and Ph.D. program to emphasis meta-analysis

 Deakin University’s faculty and graduate students embrace meta-analysis— for more information see link.  DeLMAR (Deakin Lab for the Meta-Analysis of Research) will offer a graduate class on meta-analysis and encourage its Ph.D. students to use meta-regression analysis in their research.  Plans are for DeLMAR to be the future home for MAER-Net and to host our annual Colloquium in 2018. 

Summer class on the Isle of Crete!


Tom Stanley to teach a week-long meta-analysis summer class on the magical and ancient isle of Crete (Chania) June 26-30, 2017.  Organized by the University of Ioannina – Department of Economics. See this Flyer and this Website for more information.  Please circulate and encourage your colleagues and students to attend.  But please sign up soon; spaces are limited.  

Prof. Jarko Fidrmuc and Tom Stanley will teach a graduate course on meta-analysis  at Zeppelin Universität.  This will include an introductory session the day before (Oct 12) the 2017 MAER-Net Colloquium begins.  See the next item!

Announcing the 2017 MAER-Net Colloquium!


Prof. Jarko Fidrmuc will host us at Zeppelin Universität on the shores of a glacial lake (Lake Constance) October 12-14, 2017 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.  ZUpist2Please check this website for more information about this year’s Colloquium.

Welcome to our new members!

Maamar Sebri
University of Sousse
Kathrin Karsay
University of Vienna
  Dila Ram Bhandari
Tribhuvan University
  Hilde Augusteijn
Tilburg University
  Gabe Gonzales
Penn State University
  Magali Dauvin
University of Paris Ouest
  Sam Zapata
Texas A&M University, US
  Carter Price
Anna Sokolova
Higher School of Economics
Moscow, Russia
  Felix Weidemann
University of Cologne
  Ana Babić Rosario
University of Denver, US
Mark Stevens
University of British Columbia
  Petr Polak
Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic
  Ikkka Korhonen
Bank of Finland
Helsinki, Finland
  Natalia Nehrebecka
Uniwersytet Warszawski
  Andreas Schneck
University of Munich
  Wenéyam Balima
University of Auvergne
  Nikol Labikova
Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic
  Vicente Royuela
University of Barcelona
  Tim Kaiser
German Institute for Economic Research
Berlin, Germany
  Yang Yang
Temple University, US