Human Resources

Hiring an Employee

The information below is in the chronological order for a staff new hire.  For faculty hires please contact the office of the Provost.

Before You Hire

New Position

Any new position requires a completed Position Control Form approved by the Vice President of the area the position is in.  Incomplete forms will be returned, no position may be advertised or filled without this form.

Replacement (not a new position)

When an employee leaves please submit an Employee Action Form (EAF).  Complete the relevant portion of the Position Control Form in order to provide us the necessary information to advertise for the position.  If you plan to restructure the position (new title, large change in responsibilities) you will need to complete the appropriate portions of the form to indicate those changes.  Once the position control form has been submitted the Human Resources Department will be in more frequent contact to guide you through the recruitment and on-boarding process.

It is important to note that before any employee can start work they must complete a background screening.  Please send the full name and email address of the candidate you would like to hire to our office so that we can send them necessary paperwork.  If the candidate does not have access to email please have them drop by our office to complete required authorization forms. 

Hiring the Employee

Complete an EAF (please fill it out entirely) and submit it to the Human Resources Office

Schedule a time during the employees first day for them to receive a benefits orientation and complete necessary paperwork with our office.

To submit any forms or information on this page, or for questions about the processes listed above please contact