Human Resources

Health & Welfare Benefits at Hendrix

Medical Coverage

Hendrix College offers a medical insurance plan and bears a substantial cost of this plan for full-time employees and eligible dependents. Coverage is effective from the first day of employment. The employee can choose between two plans: The Core Plan and the High Deductible Plan. Selecting either medical insurance includes prescription drug coverage. A  Core & High Deductible Overview & Comparison is designed to let you see plan costs for all groups and the most general coverage overview. 

Prescription Coverage

Prescription drug coverage is included as part of both medical plans.  For a complete list of covered prescriptions and the required co-pay please check the formulary.

Finding a Provider

To avoid unexpected and higher medical charges we strongly encourage you to ensure that any provider you choose is In-Network.  Both the Core and High Deductible plans use the Cigna network. You can find providers in that network by searching this website and selecting the medical plan "PPO, Choice Fund PPO". 

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

This will provide a more in-depth look at the coverage provided by your specific coverage level and plan.

For any other questions regarding your health coverage, including a complete plan document, please contact the Human Resources Office.  

Dental & Vision

Hendrix College offers employees access to voluntary dental and vision insurances.  VSP does not provide you with a member card. If you need help knowing your ID please email or call HR.

Coverage Details

Finding a Providers

  • Search for Delta Dental providers by visiting this link and select "Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier" as your plan.
  • Vision Service Provider (VSP): Seach the "VSP Signature" Network on their website.