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Hire a Summer Student Worker!

Information for Students

If you are a student seeking a summer job on campus, be sure to check out Hire Hendrix.  The steps related to logging in and searching for positions during the summer are the same as those for regular work study, but instead of looking at "Work Study Jobs" you will want to browse the summer opportunities.  For questions about finding a job contact Leigh Lassiter-Counts in Career Services (  Not every summer job is listed, so it is also a great idea to check-in with professors whose research you are interested in to find out if they have any open research positions.

For those students who have not yet had a campus job: you must complete payroll forms! You will receive an email from with a link and instructions to create your account and complete the necessary forms.  If you do not receive that email or have any questions about the paperwork, please email

Students being hired DO NOT submit the form below. The form below is to be submitted by hiring supervisors only.

Information for Supervisors: How to Hire

This page contains information only related to SUMMER employment of students that are paid by Hendrix funds (supervisors will know the funding source).  

For academic year or grant funded positions please see the appropriate information:  

Your student may not begin working until you have completed this form. It is important that hourly paid workers have all time logged on their timecard in iSolved.  

In the form below you will need to estimate the number of hours per week the student will be working. It is very important that you provide a fair and accurate estimate of the average number of hours per week a student will work, especially for those students working on a stipend.  This information is used to maintain our legal compliance and a knowingly misstating the hours of an employee could have severe consequences for both the hiring supervisor and the institution. If the number of hours required changes over the course of the summer, or you have questions about the estimated hours of a stipend position, please contact Bridgette in HR (

For a student working for Hendrix to begin work you, the supervisor, must complete the form below and your student must complete the paperwork listed above.  For questions, or to check the status of this form, please contact Samantha Sloan.

Basic Assignment Information


Account Code: (this is where the earnings will be charged)

Supervisor:      (who is responsible for approving timecard)

Student's Information

Last Name        

 First Name     

Hendrix ID #:     

Job ID #:          

(Please include the job id if you posted an ad on HireHendrix)

Email Address:   

Job Title:           

Hourly Rate    $

( minimum wage is $11 / hour effective 1/1/2021 )

Estimated Hrs     /week

Supervisor Approval       Date 
 (please type the name of the supervisor approving the hiring of this student worker)