Student Profile: Mark Hickey

Hickey, Mark - 20130814 - 17213876Attending a liberal arts college was the obvious choice for Mark Hickey, sophomore football player from Denton, TX. “I love everything about the liberal arts,” he notes. A self-described “political junkie,” Hickey is considering a major in history, politics, or English. When Mark arrived at Hendrix as a freshman, he immediately began volunteering with the Admission Office. “I love Hendrix and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I wanted to ensure that students have great visits to campus.” Hickey most appreciates the relationships between faculty and their students at Hendrix. “I enjoy being in an environment where I know my professors and can go in and talk to them anytime. They know who I am, where I come from every day, and they really care,” he adds.

In addition to volunteering with the Admission Office, Hickey has served on the Campus Kitty committee and the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. He also has been a phoneathon caller for the Development Office and was selected to be an Orientation leader for new students.

Hickey has enjoyed it all. But playing football last season stands out as one of his most memorable experiences thus far. “Playing football for Hendrix has been the most fun I’ve had in my life,” Hickey notes. “I’m from Texas where football is huge,” he continues. "I’ve played games in Cowboys stadium; I won a state championship. But playing the first season for Hendrix was better than all of that."