Why YOUR gift matters


YOUR GIFT shows a vote of confidence for the Hendrix experience, past and present!

YOUR GIFT supports Hendrix College students. 100% of Hendrix students receive some type of scholarship or financial aid, made possible through alumni giving. Alumni gifts helped provide your Hendrix and our current students are hoping you will do the same for them. 

YOUR GIFT helps increase our alumni participation goal, which is essential when Hendrix applies for grants from corporations and foundations. The strength of alumni giving shows the strength of our institution. 

YOUR GIFT to the Alumni Loyalty Fund is unrestricted money, which means it supports Hendrix in numerous ways. Besides support of scholarship and financial aid monies for our students, the fund supports: academic technology, resources for faculty and classrooms, student activities and recruitment, promotion of Hendrix, general operating expenses, and more. 

YOUR GIFT MATTERS. It is that simple. Every gift helps to do all the things listed above. More than anything, Hendrix wants to count you not only as an alumnus/a, but also as a supporter. You are Hendrix’s past. Your gift makes you part of our future. Thank you for your support of Hendrix College!