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Hendrix College COVID-19 Dashboard March 5, 2021 (data available as of March 4, 2021)

Total Cases and Testing Summary*

Includes available data from all available reporting sources since December 25, 2020.

 20210305-2 Total Cases.png

Current Total Active Cases

Includes active cases and close contacts from all available reporting sources.


In addition to the internal indicators above, Hendrix leadership also monitors COVID-19 variables in the state of Arkansas and locally (Faulkner and Pulaski Counties). Two important indicators are the number of new cases and testing positivity, which indicates how widespread the disease is in the area.

[Source: Arkansas Department of Health. Partial data for week of February 28 (4 days).]


*On February 28, the Arkansas Department of Health added 2,932 previously unreported, positive cases. Even though these cases are not the result of testing on February 27, they do show as a peak in this chart. It will take two weeks for this data anomaly to work through our dashboard reporting.

[Source: Arkansas Department of Health]


[Source: Arkansas Department of Health. Partial data for week of February 28 (4 days).]


[Source: Arkansas Department of Health]

*COVID-19 testing and health services are available to all Hendrix students, faculty, and staff through a partnership with Conway Regional Health. Hendrix College conducts contact tracing for all students and employees who have tested positive for COVID-19. Individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 and are awaiting test results or who have received a positive test result will isolate away from others. Individuals who are close contacts of someone positive for COVID-19 will quarantine. Hendrix has designated on-campus isolation and quarantine space for students.