China Odyssey

Odyssey Participant Discussion Board

We have created a discussion forum using the Program Educator.  If you would like to be added to the discussion please email with your first and last names, your email address (Hendrix account if you have one).  Also please choose a username and a password.  An account will be created for you so that you have free access to the discussion.  Once the account has been created, go to  and enter your login information.  This should take you to your educator account.  Click on "enter course" under China Odyssey Discussion Forum which will bring you to the China Odyssey Discussion Forum page.  The actual Discussion forum can be accessed from a link on the left of the page.  If you do not wish to create a user account you can access the discussion through our guest account.  To access this, go to and enter:

Username: guestuser
Password: chinaodyssey