Charter School Leadership Institute


What is the overall purpose of the Hendrix College Charter School Leadership Institute?
One of the greatest needs related to increasing the charter school capacity in Arkansas involves the identification and training of charter school leaders (principals).  Since charter schools tend to have more autonomy, their leaders must be familiar with all aspects of school operations.  Likewise, since charter schools tend to focus on using innovative methods to improve academic achievement, their leaders must have skills in these areas.  The Institute is designed to help existing and prospective charter school leaders develop and/or refine these skills.

Who is eligible to attend the Hendrix College Charter School Leadership Institute?
All applicants must currently hold a charter school leadership position, or they must have a genuine interest in becoming a charter school leader.

Will the Institute participants receive graduate school credit?
Hendrix College does not have a graduate school.  As a result, graduate school credit is not available for Institute participants.  A certificate will be given to all participants who successfully complete ALL of the Institute sessions.

How much is the registration fee for the Institute?
The Hendrix College Charter School Leadership Institute is free of charge.  There is no registration fee.  Each applicant, however, will be responsible for all expenses related to food, travel, lodging (if needed), etc.

Who is the contact person for additional information?
The primary contact for the Institute is Dr. James Jennings.  You can reach Dr. Jennings via phone at (501) 450-1283 or e-mail at  Since the Institute is funded by the Arkansas Department of Education Charter School Office, you may also contact Mary Ann D. Brown via phone at (501) 683-5313 or e-mail at Mary.Brown@arkansas.govfor related questions.