International Prospective Students

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Hendrix College does not award need-based financial assistance to non-citizen international students, Simply, by submitting an application for admission, international applicants are considered for a number of scholarships (see the list below). The average scholarship awarded to an international applicant for the current academic year was approximately $22,000. The comprehensive fee for the 2017-2018 academic year is $55,996. Therefore, an international applicant should be prepared to pay at least $30,114 for one year at Hendrix. He or she will need to provide for certain personal expenses as well.

Scholarships available to international applicants:

  1. The Hendrix Academic Scholarship is our premier scholarship program. Awards are based on each student's academic record and standardized test scores. Academic scholarships are awarded based on GPA and standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, or IETLS are accepted. Note, only one standardized test score is required). 
  2. Hays Memorial Scholarship seeks students with outstanding potential for intellectual vitality and academic success, whose records of achievement – both in and out of the classroom – predict leadership and initiative to enhance life at Hendrix and in the world beyond. The Hays Scholarship, awarded to four entering students each year, provides full tuition, room, board, and mandatory fees for four years of study at Hendrix. Hays Scholars are also eligible to apply for special grants to support summer research and travel during their college years. Students who wish to compete for the Hays Scholarship must:- be a senior in high school; - achieve at least a 3.6 GPA in high school college preparatory classes; and - score a minimum ACT "super score" composite of 32 or a minimum SAT Critical Reading and Math combined "super score" of 1430 (Statement on Comparing ACT and SAT results)  A TOEFL score does not grant eligibility to compete for the Hays Scholarship. Additionally, students need to have completed an application for admission to Hendrix via the Common Application before applying for the Hays Scholarship. (Information about applying to Hendrix is available at To qualify, the application for admission should have been submitted by November 15. For instructions on how to apply for the Hays Scholarship, visit
  3. Co-Curricular Scholarships are valued at $2,000. For more information, click here.

Hendrix College does guarantee award need-based financial assistance to non-US citizen international students.

Work study

International students are eligible, through the Hendrix College work study program, to work on campus for up to $2000 per year if they work their maximum amount of hours under the federal minimum  wage. To reach the maximum allocation, one would need to work  about 6 hours per week. Work study jobs are typically acquired at the beginning of each semester. The positions are based on availability. In figuring money earned through work study into a student’s available financial resources, please keep in mind that Hendrix College provides a substantial amount of support to international students. Adjusting to life in the United States and on campus also factor into determining how many hours a student feels comfortable working.

The rigors of the academics at Hendrix College, among other factors, influence the number of hours a student is able to work; hence, students tend to earn different amounts of money during their time at Hendrix College.

International students work in different departments on campus where the diversity of experiences and energy they bring are greatly appreciated and celebrated.  Members of faculty’s offices, the cafeteria (especially the Burrow), and the science labs are some of the most popular places to work.

Need-Based Financial Aid 

Hendrix College does offer small amounts of need-based financial assistance to non-citizen international students. International applicants must submit the International Student Financial Aid Application to complete their application to Hendrix and to be considered for need-based financial aid. The amount of need-based aid awarded, if any, is decided after the admission decision and financial aid letters are emailed in mid to late March. After this point, you may inquire about need-based aid. Need-based financial aid is awarded based on family need and demonstrated interest in Hendrix College, as well as other factors.  

Personalize Your Visit
  • Attend a class
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  • Meet with your admission counselor
  • Have lunch in the cafeteria
  • Meet with a professor and/or coach
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