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March 19, 2020: Update from the Registrar

The message below was sent to Hendrix students Thursday, March 19, at 4:56 p.m.

Dear Hendrix Students, 

We understand that this is a stressful time and many processes are changing in ways that make it difficult to keep up.  We have made some changes in the registration process for returning students that we hope will make the process as clear as possible.  At the same time, we are trying to keep the process as much like it was done in the past because we know you have registered before!

Please review this email carefully!  There have been process changes and extensions for deadlines to help given our transition to online classes.  A new one-page registration calendar is also attached.

As always, you can email the Registrar’s office with questions.  Someone will be in the office for the rest of this week to answer your telephone calls, but email is the most reliable contact method going forward.  Many staff members are now, or soon will be, working from home

And finally: Graduating seniors can ignore this email!

Spring Registration

Spring registration for the 2020-2021 academic year will occur from April 1 through April 17, 2020.  During the process

  • you will go to your CampusWeb account and select courses you wish to take;
  • you will communicate with your advisor to finalize course requests, bid for classes, and select alternates;
  • you will check CampusWeb for your schedule after pre-registration on April 27; and
  • you will work with your advisor during the add/drop period if you want to change your schedule or add courses to replace the ones you did not get.  Your advisor will communicate with you about how and when they will be available. 

Schedule of Classes for 2020-2021 is now available on line at Hendrix College - Course Schedule.  “Student Instructions for Online Registration”, a step-by-step tutorial on how to register courses on line is located at our website under .  Please go through the tutorial carefully before registration.  Please use your id and password to login to your Campus Web account from the Hendrix home page or directly from this link:  Do not forget to change the current year and semester to "Fall 2020-2021" and then to "Spring 2020-2021" below the tool bar after you log in.

Bid Points

One step of the registration process is “bidding” for classes in a format similar to a silent auction.  For example, if there are 20 seats available for a class and 30 students bid for it, the 20 students who bid the highest for the class are placed into it and the other 10 are shut out.  In cases where limits are not reached, the bid amounts become irrelevant.  The number of bid points you are given is equal to the number of cumulative credits you have earned.  You are encouraged to allocate your points and select one alternate course for each pre-registered course on paper prior to the advising meeting.  If you have problems allocating points or selecting alternate courses, please seek advice from your advisor before or during the advising meeting.

During your advising meeting, your advisor will submit online approval of your final course requests.  After that online approval is given, the bid point process becomes available to both the advisor and student.  Your advisor will inform you of his or her expectations concerning who is to enter your bid points.  Some advisors may wish to continue working with you during your advising meeting to complete bid point requests; others may give you the assignment of entering bid points from your Campus Web account after your advising meeting is complete.  Instructions outlining the steps for a student to submit bid points are contained in the student registration tutorial noted above.  The deadline for submitting or editing bid points is April 17, which is also the final day of spring registration.  To assist your bid point decisions, the Registrar’s Office has sent an email to faculty listing the number of bid points needed last year to gain admittance to oversubscribed courses.

The spring registration process is as follows:

Now-March 30 Change Advisor and Clear any Holds on your Account

Please check your Campus Web account to make sure you do not have any holds on your account.  You will not be able to register for classes if there is a hold on your account, so please be sure to clear any holds before registration begins in order to avoid problems during registration.

April 1-April 17 Online Pre-registration and Advising Appointments

  1. Online pre-registration (will be completed by students.) -- You will be able to pre-register for courses online beginning April 1 and add/drop courses before communicating with your advisor.  Please keep in mind that

  •       Whether or not you get in classes will be determined by class demand and by the number of bid points you allocate, but not by the time when you enter courses on line.
  •       The first thing you need to do after you log in is to change the current year and semester to "Fall 2020-2021" and then to "Spring 2020-2021" below the tool bar.
  •       You may not be able to pre-register for courses due to a hold from the Business Office, Registrar’s Office, or Student Affairs.  Please consult various offices by email before you continue the process.
  •       You must pre-register online for activity courses such as physical activity PACT courses.
  •       You may NOT pre-register online for 200-level English courses if you are a rising junior or senior unless you have the consent of the individual instructor.  The Add Box for 200-level English Courses will not be available at your Campus Web if you are not eligible to take those courses.     
  •       You may NOT pre-register online for music activity MUSA courses, DANA A30 Dance Ensemble, and TARA Theatre Practicum activity courses.  You will register for these courses in the fall through the faculty or staff in charge of these courses.
  •       You may NOT pre-register online for independent study/internship.  You need to complete the Independent Study Request Form downloadable at our website, have it approved by your advisor via email, and email the form to the Registrar’s Office.  For internships, you need to contact Career Services first.
  •        You are encouraged make notes for yourself about allocating bid points and selecting alternate courses prior to working with your advisor.
  •        You should schedule the advising discussion with your advisor during the pre-registration period.  Advisors will contact you by email about how to move forward with scheduling a discussion.  Some advisors may use MS Teams for advising discussions.
  1. Advising, placing bid points/alternate courses (will be completed by advisors and students.) – Communicate with your advisor to discuss the courses for which you pre-registered for both semesters and finalize these course requests.  Seek advice on your bid point allocations and alternate course selections.  Your advisor will then place bid points and alternate courses online for you, and complete the pre-registration process.  From this moment on, you will not be able to make any schedule change on line.  Remember, you must complete the online pre-registration process no later than 5:00 pm, April 17, 2020.  You must communicate with your advisor to finalize your pre-registration requests.  Your selected courses will be cancelled at 8:00 am on April 20, 2020 if your advisor has not approved them online.

April 20 – April 24  Registration Process

The Registrar’s Office will assess class supply and demand, and provide the information back to the faculty.  Departments will have an opportunity to make minor adjustments to their offerings before the Registrar’s Office proceeds with the enrollment process. 

April 27  Preliminary Schedule

You may view your preliminary schedules for both semesters at your campus web account.  However, the schedules may not include all courses you pre-registered for.  If you wish to make schedule changes, please follow the next Add/Drop step.

April 28 – May 29  Add/Drop

To complete your schedule, communicate with your advisor to discuss appropriate courses to add and drop. We are changing the process this year to allow online drop/adds by your advisor.  We will communicate details on this later:

Begin Add/Drop                For

April 28                              Current Seniors and Juniors

April 30                              Current Sophomores

May 4                                Current Freshmen

The schedule change period for the 2020 -2021 classes lasts through May 29, 2020.  More information will be sent out in regards to summer processes for registration and when registration will reopen for online add/drop in August.

Study-abroad Students:

Please follow the same process as stated above if you have computer and internet access.  In case you do not have computer and internet access, please contact your advisor and obtain his/her advice and approval on courses, bid point allocations and alternate selections.

On-leave Students:

If you plan to come back next fall or spring and wish to register for classes during the spring registration period, please contact the Registrar’s Office for further information.

Graduate Students:

You will not be able to pre-register for 500-level ECON/BUSI courses if you have been accepted as a graduate student in Accounting.  Your courses will be added to your schedule after graduation, as you must earn your Undergraduate degree before entering the Graduate program.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Registrar’s Office at (501)450-1226 or via e-mail at