Research and Accountability

As an academic institution, one might expect us to have a “prove it” mentality to our approach to our first “green” building.  Using measurement and verification we are able to assess our water, gas, and electric usage through metering and monitoring processes.  We hope to accomplish three things by investing in measurement and verification:  demonstrate that our systems are achieving maximum efficiency and working the way they were designed, inform future decisions about building use and campus-wide systems of measurement and verification, and use the data-collection process as an opportunity for student research.  We hope that our data collection will inform decisions with the Student Life and Technology Center and will help us model energy decisions for any new campus buildings.  Check back here for future reports about building efficiency.

  • Karla Carney-Hall
    Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Joyce Hardin
    Professor, Biology
  • Taylor Kidd
  • Catherine Lilly
  • Lauren Ricci
  • Alex Schroeller