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Check and Share your quiz results


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After you create your quiz, adjust its settings, and share it with others, it’s time to view the results.

View response and summary information for your quiz

Review answers for each question

Post Scores

Analyze your quiz results in Excel

Share results with others

View response summary information for your quiz

In Microsoft Forms, open the quiz for which you want to review the results, and then click the Responses tab.

Across the top, you’ll see real-time summary information about your quiz, such as number of responses, average score, and quiz's current status.

You can click More options More options button to delete all responses, print a summary, or get a summary link to share with others.

More options option in Microsoft Forms

Review answers for each question

Click Review Answers to provide points and feedback. You can do this either Per Person or Per Question

Per Person: On the People tab, you can see individual details for each student, such as time it took to complete your quiz, number of points earned, and the option(s) your student selected.

Review responses of quizzes.

In this view, you can grade all questions for one student, then do the same for subsequent students. Click the arrow next to a student's name to jump to the results of another student. You can also click the left and right arrows to toggle through the result details of the other students.

To provide general feedback for a student, click the feedback icon Feedback icon and type in the text box.

Comment on quiz answers

To provide feedback for a particular question, click the feedback icon Feedback icon to the right of points, and then type in the text box.

Answers for quizzes.

You can also click More options More options button and choose whether to Delete response, Print response, or Post scores for a particular individual.

Delete, print, and post scores options in Microsoft Forms

Note: Deleting a response cannot be undone

Per Question: On the Questions tab, you can see each question and number of responses for each answer.

Review quiz questions

In this view, you can grade one question across all students by assigning points per answer. Click on the link for each answer's responses to get a snapshot of which students selected that particular answer. Click the feedback icon Feedback icon to the right of each answer's points to provide bulk feedback to all students who selected that answer.

Click the left and right arrows to toggle through the details of other questions.

Post Scores

When you're ready to share your feedback and points to students, click Post scores in the Responses tab.

For each student, you can see the status of their quiz and number of points earned. If you want to post the scores of all students, click the check box to the left of Name in the Name column. To post individual scores, click the checkbox to the left of each student's name.

Grade quizzes.

Click Post scores.

Once you post scores, you can go back to your quiz to review your results and feedback. Students can view their scores and feedback by opening the quiz.

Tip: If a student goes back into a quiz after submitting, they'll be able to see their previous responses. If you want them to retake the quiz without seeing their responses, you can create a copy of the original quiz. 

Analyze your quiz results in Excel

You can easily view all of the response data for your quiz in Microsoft Excel. Click Open in Excel on the Responses tab.

In your Excel workbook, details of each question in your quiz are represented in columns and each response is shown in a row. The first five columns display respondent ID, start and completion times for each response, and the name and email address of each student. The subsequent columns display total points, quiz feedback, grade posted time, quiz questions, points for individual questions, and feedback for individual questions.

Excel workbook displaying quiz results

Notes: The respondant ID is exclusive for each student

            Any changes you make to the quiz data in Excel won't modify the content of your quiz

            Names and email addresses won't be displayed if you all your quiz to accept anonymous responses 

Share results with others

Get a summary link option in Microsoft Forms

  1. Select the Responses tab.

  2. Select More options More options button .

  3. Select Get a summary link.

  4. Select Copy.

    When you paste this link, anyone that has the link will be able to view a summary of responses for your quiz.


    • If you're collaborating on a quiz with specific teachers in your school, only you, as the quiz owner, can create a summary link for your quiz if one doesn’t yet exist. Co-authors can still copy and share your summary link, but can't create one, themselves. In other collaboration modes not set for specific people in your organization, co-authors can create new summary links.

    • Also note that if you share your quiz responses with anyone in your school, and then decide to share with only specific people in your school, any summary sharing link that already exists can still be accessed by anyone inside or outside of your school. You can delete an existing summary link to disable it, which will reduce access to the response data. You can do this by going to the Responses tab > More options More options button > Get a summary link > Remove link (trash can icon). Optional: You can then create a new summary link if you want to share it with a new audience, but this new summary link will still be accessible by anyone who gets a hold of it.

    Note: The ability for you to collaborate on a quiz with specific people in your school is currently being developed and should be available soon.

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