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Turnitin in Teams Assignments


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Turnitin Simplicity can be added to assignments within Teams as a part of your normal workflow.

1. When you edit or Create an Assignment, the Turnitin toggle is an option under the settings Gear in the upper right over the assignment settings.

2. When you select Yes, all documents submitted for that assignment will automatically sync to Turnitin and generate a percentage and give you a link to the Similarity Report.  The due date you set for the assignment is the date the similarity score will be available for the student to see.
3. When an assignment is returned you will have access to a report of similarities to other available works. Below is a student with no similarities to any other works 

4. Here we see a student who has copied straight from Wikipedia.

5. If you did not turn on Turnitin for an assignment or if you need to analyze a document for a group assignment, go directly to to upload files and generate Similarity Reports. If you have not yet been added to Turnitin as an Instructor, contact HelpDesk.  

Turnitin is a tool to help identify cheating. The Academic Integrity Committee advises if you suspect a student of cheating on a writing assignment you only have to establish that they did not write it themselves (e.g. if it refers to things that were not covered in class, the student can't explain or doesn't understand what they supposedly wrote, etc.) --- whether it was generated by AI, or copied from the Internet, or written by someone else etc. how the cheating occurred is ultimately irrelevant. 

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