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What is H-Alert and How Do I Use It?


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All Hendrix Faculty, Staff, and Students/Parents are automatically enrolled in H-Alert, the College's official emergency notification system. H-Alert will notify subscribers via email and text message of an emergency situation on campus that requires immediate action or precaution (e.g. extreme weather, natural disaster, health hazard, etc). 

Your cell phone number is updated through CampusWeb. If you do not have or do not provide a cell phone number, you will still receive an email notification. (HelpDesk also recommends setting up Emergency Contact information for yourself on your phone.)

When you are enrolled in the H-Alert system, you will receive a text message welcoming you to the service. You may elect to "opt-out" of the text message portion of this service. However, the College strongly encourages all faculty and staff to continue to receive emergency notification via text message. All faculty and staff will continue to receive email notifications through H-Alert.

When a person is no longer a current student, parent, or faculty/staff member, their H-Alert settings will be automatically disabled.

Anyone that is not associated with the college or does not have a CampusWeb account will need to contact Communications Office @ 450-1381 to be manually added to the system).

NOTE: Some pre-paid cell phone plans do not permit web-based text messages, so students, faculty and staff members with pre-paid plans may only receive emergency notification via email.

How to Opt-Out/In to H-Alert or Update My H-Alert Contact Information

To opt-in or opt-out of H-Alert, or to update your H-Alert contact information, select Edit Profile from the login on the Hendrix website.

Once logged in, you can click on your name in the top right of the screen to drop down a menu. On the drop down menu select “Edit Profile” and you should be redirected to a new page.

Select the H-Alert tab and under H-Alert Notifications you can chose to be enrolled or not enrolled in the system. You can then change your H-Alert information as necessary. To opt out from the system, choose “I DO NOT want to be enrolled in the H-Alert system” and to opt in choose “I WANT to be enrolled in the H-Alert system” and your preference can be changed at any time.

If you are opting in, make sure that all of your information on the screen is correct, then click "Save H-Alert Information".

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