Hendrix Preliminary Honor Roll of Donors 2015-2023

The gifts listed below reflect alumni donors to the Hendrix Annual Fund between June 1, 2023 and May 31, 2024. All gifts must be received by May 31, 2024, to be counted in the College's alumni giving percentage for the 2023-2024 academic year. The final Honor Roll of Donors will be published this fall. If you see an error with your listing, please contact or call (501) 450-1357.

Our current year fundraising efforts end May 31, 2024. If you haven't made a gift yet, there is still time to do so! Your gift of any size will make an impact. Thank you.

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Class of 2015

Second Century Club
Ples  Spradley

Century Club
Tanisha  De La Cerda
Dalton  Hoose
Sami  Kennedy

Scholar's Club 
Zoë  Barton
Chris  Bell
Bob  Berardi
Laura  Gressler
Julie  McCarthy

Class of 2016

Dean's Club
Shannon  Abbott

Second Century Club
Mitch Harle
Emily Jones Spatz
Rachel  Zweig

Century Club 
Liz  Forester
Michael  McMurray
James  Owen IV
Jerry  Thomeczek
Scholar's Club 
Petra  Alexander
Sean  Alexander
Jared  Carver
Georgia Weygandt Cox
Kate  Emery
Megan  Hull
Any  Jivan
Andrew  Jordan
Anna McConaghie May
Farai  Musariri
Emily  Nichols
Ross  Ragsdale
Austin Rodgers
Isabelle  Staines
Robert  Taylor

Class of 2017

President's Club  
Shaquille  Grant

Second Century Club  
Barrett Goodwin

Century Club  
Emily  Holmes
Mattie  Thacker

Scholar's Club
Anna Claire Atkins Bell
Keegan  Fletcher
Sarah  Haltom
Mark Hickey
Carly  Howden
Aditya  Katke
Randall  King
Andrew  McWard
Brooke  Nelson
Meg Boyles Oakes
Sydney  Ozersky
Doug Phillips Jr.
Pratheepa  Ravikumar
Guneev  Sharma
Spencer  Taylor

Class of 2018

Second Century Club
Giorgy  Sarishvili

Century Club
Kathleen  Mowery
Yahelle  Yaccoby

Scholar's Club 
Ethny  Ashcraft
Emma  Carlson
Andrew  Cash
Hannah  Christeson
Schylar  Ferguson
Kristen  Gillette
Lena  Pham
Lexus  Raney
Ellen Gotelli Rowland
Bailee  Wallace

Class of 2019

Century Club
Marlee  Bird
Nate  McKenna
Cullen  Robinette

Scholar's Club 
Ginny Greer Ashcraft
Michael  Calamese Jr.
Dominic  Dachille
Morgan  McKay
Tyler  Oliver
William  Roberts
Gray  Stewart

Class of 2020

Century Club 
Emily Bowie

Scholar's Club 
Anthony  Bennett Jr.
Mary Nail Farris
Samantha  Fish
Nicole  Henry
Lexie  Johnson
Gage  Oppel
Leyton Gassaway Oppel
Ana  Romero Flores
Jonah  White

Class of 2021

Century Club
Maxim  Applegate
Romée  Blokland

Scholar's Club 
Da'mecko  Johnson
Andrea  Stitt
Lydia  Sullinger

Class of 2022

Century Club
Leslie Paul

Scholar's Club 
Chloe  Baker
John  Callahan
Phineas  Chapman
Erin  Easterling
Rose  Johnson
Hailey  Johnston
Keegan  Vacanti
Tra'Leon  Williams

Class of 2023

Century Club

Scholar's Club