Human Resources

Find Student Employment

Please read the complete instructions before you start looking for a job (or working).

Step 1 - Determine Your Eligibility

Hendrix has two types of student employment, and it is very important that you first know which type you have been awarded. The two options are: Federal Work Study (FWS) or Hendrix Work Program (HWP) and are based on your FASFA Financial Aid information.

*How do I know if I’m Federal Work Study Qualified? * Log onto your Campus Web account and check your Financial Aid Award Package. You will see an award for “FWS” if you are Federal Work Study Qualified. If you are not “FWS” then you will be a “Hendrix Work Program” student and are only eligible to apply for HWP jobs.

IMPORTANT: on the job listings website, each job will have information about whether FWS or HWP students can be hired. Please pay attention to this, and please do not apply for positions listed as "FWS Only" if you are not FWS qualified.

Step 2 - Find a Job

Log in to HireHendrix (REMEMBER to use your HENDRIX email address because you already have an account in the system). Click "Jobs" in the top right corner, then click "Position Type" and select "School Year Student Worker." If you'd like to filter by FWS or HWP, you can click the "more filters" drop down and select the box you prefer. Remember to ONLY apply for the jobs you're eligible for based on your Financial Aid Award Letter: FWS students can apply for all jobs. HWP students can only apply for jobs marked "Hendrix Work Program or FWS."

You may apply for as many jobs as you’d like, just remember to follow the specific application instructions as each job might have different application procedures. For detailed tips and instructions, check out " Five Steps to a Successful Student Employment Job Search."



Step 3 - Complete Paperwork

When you are notified by a hiring supervisor that you were awarded the job you must complete the necessary documents and return them to Financial Aid Office along with I-9 documentation** (see info on I-9 below). You may not begin working until you receive the work authorization email from Financial Aid.

Some documents only need to be submitted once, others each year - use this helpful checklist and guide to find which documents you need and download them here:

**Financial Aid will mark the "Work Eligibility Form" as complete when they receive notification that your supervisor has completed the form online. This is not a form you need to complete. Complete ALL forms linked below, do not print them two sided please. Paperwork should be delivered to the Office of Financial Aid located on the second floor of the Dawkins Welcome Center.

  • Form W-4
  • Form I-9
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form
  • 2023 State WH Form*

    *If you know of reason that you are not exempt from state taxes, please complete this form instead of the exempt state tax form included in the packet. If you have trouble opening this file, right click and select Save Link as - then open it in a .pdf reader like Adobe Reader (by double clicking the file where you saved it)

Step 4 - Working & Time Card Management

Once you have received your work authorization email, you may begin working in your appointed position. Financial Aid will create a time card and place it in your Campus Web account. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to track/record all hours you work AS YOU WORK THEM on your time card. You will be paid monthly and must submit your time card for your supervisor’s approval by the last business day of each month. If you do not record your hours on your time card during the pay period you risk not getting paid for that time.

** A quick note on I-9 documentation. You can find a complete list of accepted IDs on the I-9 form, but generally we find the most common options are to bring us either: 1.) both your driver's license AND social security card or 2.) your passport. They must be originals and not copies, or photographs. We will not be able to pay you without I-9 support documents and you will not be able to start work without completing all paperwork. So please bring your documents with you when you turn in your packet!