Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement at Hendrix


The ideals of Hendrix College’s Statement of Purpose are fostered from the moment students arrive on campus by the College’s Civic Engagement Projects.  

The Engaged Citizen

Students’ opportunities for “engagement that links the classroom with the world” for the promotion of “diversity, inclusion, justice, and sustainable living” begin with the College’s distinctive first semester course The Engaged Citizen.  

This seminar course seeks to illuminate the multiplicity of possible interpretations of engaging as a citizen through interdisciplinary team teaching, in which pairs of faculty from across the institution come together to explore a sub-topic from different methodological "ways of knowing." The varying disciplinary and individual approaches to this theme are intended to provoke discussion and reflection on this topic both within the dyads and throughout the Hendrix community. 

The course includes an engaged learning component, involving an introductory, hands‑on activity that engages academic material in or outside the classroom and is tied to the content of the course.

Pathways for Civic Engagement

The Engaged Citizen course sets the stage for Hendrix students to pursue their own pathways for civic engagement across their time at Hendrix by linking together their coursework, Odyssey experiences, and other co-curricular activities. Some examples of such thematic pathways can be found here.

Each year, students complete civic engagement-related projects in each of the six Odyssey categories. From internships with elected officials in Washington or Little Rock to the publication of undergraduate research projects on public policies to examination of education systems in other nations to periods of service to advocacy groups, Hendrix students dedicate innumerable hours of their lives each year to civic engagement. Through this work, our students come to better understand themselves and better their community.

The new Hendrix-in-Washington program is a partnership between Hendrix and the nonprofit Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars. Students in the program live and take classes in the Washington Center’s residential and learning complex. Students earn three academic credits for completing a 32 hour a week internship, a three hour a week evening course organized by the Washington Center, and a weekly leadership seminar.

Civic engagement opportunities at Hendrix are supported by the College’s engagement with several national consortia. These include Project Pericles and the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty.

Hendrix is also one of 60 colleges and universities nationwide to offer the Peace Corps Prep certificate program. The program helps undergraduate students determine whether Peace Corps service is a correct path for them and also prepares them for the Peace Corps application.

For more information on Civic Engagement at Hendrix, contact Dr. Jay Barth (Director of Civic Engagement Projects) at