OAAS: Academic Success

How to Access Services

Step 1

Students should meet with the Director of Academic Success in an intake session. Information pertinent to their coursework and academic performance will be discussed, and supporting documentation may be reviewed at that time.

Step 2

The student must provide appropriate documentation (diagnostic assessment and recommendation report) to proceed further with the accommodation request. Additional documentation may be required by the College. Eligible students may apply for limited financial assistance for testing. Details and application for assistance are available through the Director of Academic Success.

Step 3

Following review of the documentation, accommodations may be recommended and communicated to the students' professors confidentially.

Step 4

It is the student's responsibility to discuss their accommodation needs with their instructors on an ongoing basis, including testing and out-of-class assignments. To retain accommodations, students should meet with the coordinator of Academic Support as soon as possible. At that meeting, the student's needs will be reviewed and accommodations recommended as appropriate.

Students who believe that they have not received adequate or appropriate accommodation in an academic matter or faculty who are not satisfied with the proposed accommodations are encouraged to consult with the Director of Academic Success. Should this consultation not produce the desired results, the concern may be taken to the Provost of the College. In case of a non-academic matter, the Dean of Students should be contacted.