Student Activities

Tournament Weekend 2007


It was an exciting double-elimination tournament this year with 6 teams competing to represent Hendrix at the ACUI Region 12 College Bowl Tournament in Denton, Tx, Feb. 23-25. 

Congratulations to the winning team, PWS, including Kyle McHan (captain), Shahla Eskandari, Chris Kreitlein, Luke Van Cleef, and Tyler Yocom.

Thanks to all of the following teams for competing in this year's tournament:

The Rainbows: Casey Eddings (captain), Aaron Crawford, Ashley Easter, Joseph Hayden, Blake Smith

Freedom: Matthew Malecha (captain), Tim Bryant, Trey Eerebout, Allen Groue, Courtney Taylor

Diesel Benz: Adam Roush (captain), Jeremy Cain, Houston Hughes, Adrienne Metcalf, Bryan Rodgers

Phil Wightman's Djibouti: Chad Sardashti (captain), David Kolovson, Dylan Moore, Myles Murray, Sara Williams

Ten Points Each: John Schroeder (captain), Matt Demmler, Eric Drolshagen, Matt Linsay, William Tanner


Competition was fierce this year with a record-setting 12 poets, including several first-time Hendrix slammers!  Veteran-slammer Ben Molini scored top honors and rookie-slammer Kelly Zalocusky followed closely in second place.

The following students will represent Hendrix College at the ACUI Region 12 Poetry Slam in Denton, TX, February 23-25:
Ben Molini (57.3)
Kelly Zalocusky (53.7)
Zora McBride (51.6)
Jessica Crenshaw (50.0)
Shamus Ridgell (48.8)
Thanks, also, to all of the following poets for their outstanding performances at this year's Slam:

Bruce Fitzwater (51.1--unavailable for regional tournament)
Amber Johnson (48.4)
Bret Legnon (48.3)
Ryan Marsh (46.8)
Houston Hughes (46.3)
Owen Wilkerson (45.4)
Sary Clark (43.0)