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Leadership Hendrix

What is Leadership Hendrix?


Leadership Hendrix is a program offered by the Office of Student Activities that is designed to assist students in realizing their full leadership potential.  Our motto, "Uniting Passion with Purpose", seeks to encompass what we feel is the true goal of leadership development, which is empowering students to go out and make a difference in the Hendrix community and beyond.


Our leadership philosophy is based on the following principles, which are adapted from The Social Change Model for Leadership:

  • Leadership is concerned with effecting change on behalf of others and society.
  •  All students are potential leaders
  •  Leadership is a process rather than a position
  •  Leadership is collaborative.
  •  Leadership should be based on values

For the spring of 2012, we have designed a series of workshops focused on the basics of student leadership.  All workshops are on Wednesday evenings at 5 PM in SLTC 105.  Students will be free to bring their dinner trays from the cafeteria.  Leadership Hendrix workshops are also approved for credit in the Hendrix Immersion Project (HIP). The workshops are outlined on the flyer below. 

For other questions or concerns, please contact Tonya Hale in the Student Activities office at or stop by the office on the first floor of the Student Life & Technology Center (SLTC).


Leadership Hendrix 2012-2013