• Hendrix College

    Shirttails Serenade

  • Imagine it.  The bright lights are on.  The excitement is pounding in your chest as you take your position in the Brick Pit.  The cheering crowds of upperclassmen are squeezed in around your stage.  

    Although every Shirttails leaves lasting impressions on Hendrix students, this year is a little special since it marks the the 101st anniversary of our tradition.  Started in 1913, Shirttails is Hendrix's oldest tradition other than Commencement.  What began as a spontaneous celebration in the streets after a football victory against Ole Miss has grown into the enormous event it is today--a dance competition between the new students of each residence hall.  While the tradition has evolved over the years, the uniform is almost the same: tennis shoes, shorts/boxers, and of course, a white, long-sleeve Oxford button-down shirt with a tie.

    From the sweaty evening practices to the mid-week serenades leading up to the big night, many students make lifelong friends.  Hall council members, RAs, and your neighbors gather around to support you and welcome you to the Hendrix family.

    Here at Hendrix, we love our Shirttails tradition.  Whether you want to get involved as a dancer, you want to watch from the Brick Pit, or you want to attend our alternate event, we are looking forward to working with you this year!

    We know you're probably overflowing with  questions, so take a look around our site!  If your questions still aren't answered, feel free to contact one of us.  As the Co-Chairs of the Shirttails Serenade Committee, we're here to make sure that your 2022 Shirttails experience is comfortable, exciting, and unforgettable.

    See you on the bricks!

    Emilie Cassar and Monique Williams
    Shirttails Serenades Co-Chairs 2022