Frequently Asked Questions

Shirttails Serenade

Do I have to be able to dance well to participate in Shirttails?

Of course not. Absolutely no dance experience or skill is needed to participate in Shirttails. Over the summer, your residence hall's team of two or three choreographers works hard to create a dance for students of all skill levels. At practices, your choreographers will help you along the way, and if any dance moves make you uncomfortable, they will be altered. Just let your choreographer or a representative of the Shirttails Serenade Committee know! We want to make sure that this experience is comfortable and enjoyable for you.

What will I wear?

Students wear a white Oxford button-down shirt and tennis shoes. Men wear boxers and women wear shorts. Men are required to wear a second pair of underwear under their boxers. Additionally, many residence halls add their own style with a certain color of tie or certain type of shorts.

What are "Serenades?"

In the middle of the rehearsal week, students are given a break from practice. Instead, students from Martin, Hardin, and Couch rotate around to the students of Creative Quad, Raney, Galloway, and Veasey and serenade them. The reverse also occurs. Serenades are not mandatory, and they are done to celebrate an earlier time in Hendrix history when Shirttails was an event for the male students to serenade their female peers. This year, all students will get to serenade each other, in hopes fallowing freshman to interact with those from other halls.Inspired by the past, many students have a lot of fun with Serenades.

Will practices conflict with my schoolwork?

Practices are only 2 hours a night during the school week. Most students find that Shirttails practice is a good break from school. Rarely is there an issue with Shirttails practice interfering with schoolwork. If there is an issue, your choreographers will be happy to work around your school work so you are caught up on the dances.

I play a sport, what if practice times conflict?

Athletic practices take priority over Shirttails practices, but it is rare that a sport will have practice during the entire Shirttails rehearsal, especially during Welcome Week. If you play a sport, arriving late to Shirttails practice is acceptable. If you miss a practice entirely, find a roommate or neighbor to catch you up on the moves. Our goal is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to participate in this great tradition.

Who will my dorm be competing against?

Your dorm will be competing against all the other dorms for one title.

What happens after the competition?

After the winners are selected and the trophies are presented, the fun doesn't end. Our radio station, KHDX, presents a post-Shirttails concert.

Can I quit Shirttails if I decide it's not for me?

Absolutely. We will be sorry to see you go, but participation in Shirttails is purely voluntary. If at any point you decide it's not for you, that's okay. Just let someone with the Shirttails Serenade Committee know, and we'll make sure that we accommodate you.

Questions still unanswered? Please e-mail our Shirttails Co-Chairs: Emilie Cassar ( and Monique Williams (

Want to Participate?
All first-year students who want to participate in Shirttails are required to sign our Student Participation Contract , which outlines the rights of participants.  On Sunday, Aug. 21, our committee will meet with you one-on-one to discuss this contract before it's signed, but feel free to check it now!
Commemorative T-Shirts
Don't forget to purchase your 2013 Shirttails T-shirt to commemorate the 100th anniversary!  Shirts will be sold for $10 on the Sun Porch during lunch August 27-30.
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