Research at Hendrix

Cameron Crane '11

Crane, Cameron

Chemistry major, philosophy minor

 Fayetteville, Ark., University of Arkansas Chemistry Department

Highlight quote

"At Hendrix I was perhaps inspired, maybe forced, or somehow convinced that I had to look at my academic strategy critically and decide for myself what I was doing with my four years."

Current projects

I am a Graduate Assistant performing research and teaching duties as part of my PhD program in Chemistry.  My current Research focus/Project is "Controlled Synthesis of Metal and Oxide Hybrid Nanoparticles for Catalysis" 

Undergraduate Research

I worked under Dr. Courtney Hatch, my project name was ":  Effects of mineral aerosol heterogeneous chemistry on ocean bioproductivity and atmospheric chemistry and climate."

How Hendrix prepared me for success

At Hendrix I developed a strong and justified confidence in my research skills.  The liberal arts approach at Hendrix gave me the practical skills required to navigate any chemistry lab, but also the critical thinking experience to maintain a healthy skepticism, of published reports as well as my own results, necessary to be a good scientist.

Future plans

I can see myself happy in a wide variety of professions, though my first choice would be to work at a place as wonderful as Hendrix College.

Future plans

It's not too late to do what you want.