Research at Hendrix

Richard C. Murray

Associate Professor of Biology

Ph.D., University of Western Ontario

Research interest: The Mammalian nervous system

The mammalian nervous system is an astonishingly complex tissue consisting of over 100 million neurons and each one of these neurons can make up to 1000 synaptic contacts with other cells. To form the neural circuits required for a properly functioning nervous system, the right number and the right type of neurons have to be generated in a highly coordinated fashion. Both environmental signals, including secreted growth factors, and intrinsic signals, including cell-type specific transcription factors, have been shown to be involved in regulating the coordinated generation of neurons. My research interests involve understanding how extracellular growth factors and intrinsic patterns of transcription factor expression regulate neuronal progenitor cells in order to generate the proper number and types of neurons during mammalian nervous system development.