Research at Hendrix

Courtney Hatch

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D., University of Colorado

Research interest: The effects of natural aerosols on the Earth system

The Hatch research group uses an integrative and multidisciplinary approach to studying the effects of natural aerosols on the Earth system. In particular, we aim to provide experimental evidence to our current understanding of how mineral dust aerosol affects biogeochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, and climate. Currently, the Hatch group is involved in four ongoing laboratory research projects including:

  • water adsorption on relevant mineral dust and mineral mixtures and their impacts on global climate change,
  • heterogeneous uptake of gaseous mixtures on atmospherically relevant mineral surfaces as a function of relative humidity and temperature,
  • biogeochemical impacts of nutrient dissolution from mineral aerosol during atmospheric aging processes, and
  • phytoplankton biomarker studies to determine the effects of mineral aerosol deposition and nutrient dissolution on phytoplankton growth rates.