Research at Hendrix

Karen Salazar '91

Karen Salazar '91

Chemistry major at Hendrix

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from The University of Oklahoma and Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) from Louisiana State University. 

Kingsport, Tenn., Eastman Chemical Company

Current projects

I am an information scientist. My current responsibilities include providing quality information to library users through effective database searching, developing innovative solutions to problems within my work group in order to improve library services, and demonstrating their value to my organization through effective data visualization.

Undergraduate Research

As an undergraduate, I worked with Dr. Goodwin for two summers and during my senior year. My projects involved organic synthesis. I learned many of the lab techniques that organic chemists use to conduct research. I also learned how to use various analytic instruments. Our work led to a publication in The Journal of Organic Chemistry.

How Hendrix prepared me for success

Initially, my experience at Hendrix helped to prepare me for the rigors of graduate school, but as I transitioned from school into a career in the chemical industry, I realized that my liberal arts experience had also taught me to appreciate the fact that jobs outside of the laboratory existed that required the use of the information I learned from chemistry classes and from classes outside of my major.

Future plans

I am interested in the creation of digital platforms that provide opportunities for collaboration and allow people to search for, create, manipulate, share, and store information while diminishing the impact of information overload.

My advice

Never turn down the opportunity to learn a new skill, even if it doesn't appear to be related to your area of study or is out of your comfort zone, because in the future, the possession of that skill might lead you down a new path in life that you would not have previously considered without it. Also, never underestimate the power of networking.