Research at Hendrix

Claire M. Carle Putt '01

Claire M. Carle Putt '01

Chemistry major, English major

Forensic Chemist, Arkansas State Crime Laboratory in Little Rock, Ark. (with Chris Harrison '95 and Felisia Lackey '99)

Current projects

I am a forensic chemist. I perform analysis on unknown substances to determine whether they are controlled substances by Arkansas State Codes and/or Federal Codes. I report my findings to the requesting law enforcement agencies and prosecutors. I also testify to my findings in courts of law around the state. Two professional groups, to which I belong, are Clandestine Laboratory Investigating Chemists and American Board of Criminalistics. These entities are instrumental in providing relative information and continued education in the field of forensics.  

Undergraduate Research

My undergraduate research project with Dr. Kopper was on alkaline phosphatase activity under partially denaturing conditions, which was presented at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Diego, Calif. This research project provided noteworthy data and helped me with organization, direction, and presentation skills.

How Hendrix prepared me for success

Hendrix College helped lay a wonderful foundation, not just in aspects of a career, but for my entire life. The education, diversity, and progressive mentality, has fostered my desire for continued enlightenment and open-mindedness. These are beneficial attributes to possess as they encourage communication and problem solving.

Future Plans

The Arkansas State Crime Laboratory is always striving to be an innovative leader in forensics. We have just recently obtained out International Organization for Standardization through American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Boards (ASCLD/LAB). Our priority is casework, but we have performed some research in various forensic disciplines, which we hope to expand. We also provide summer internship opportunities for undergraduate students.  

My Advice

Learn to find the benefits in the mistakes and the hard times. You will find strength and the course corrections you need in order to better yourself.