Research at Hendrix

Chris Harrison '95

Chris Harrison '95

Chemistry major, Biology minor

Chief Illicit Laboratory Chemistry, Arkansas State Crime Laboratory in Little Rock, Ark. (with Felisia Lackey '99 and Claire M. Carle Putt '01)

Current projects

I analyze evidence to support or refute the criminal charges involving the manufacture of illicit drugs.

Undergraduate Research

I worked for Dr. Goodwin in the early stages of his elephant research and wrote a paper explaining the estrous cycle of female Asian elephants.

How Hendrix prepared me for success

The Hendrix science departments focused on hands-on research that required many hours in the lab actually performing the experiments, not just collecting data.

Future plans

The Arkansas Crime Lab has a summer internship program … the experience is great. And we are hiring new analysts at the rate of about four to five a year.

My advice

Take as many analytical and instrumental classes as you can. Focus on fundamentals as an undergraduate. If you do not understand the fundamentals of your major, you will not be prepared to refine that education in future.