Psychology Department

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Course Syllabi

PSYC 110 – Introduction to Psychology (Crowell)

PSYC 110 – Introduction to Psychology (Hawkins)

PSYC 110 – Introduction to Psychology (Maxwell)

PSYC 185 – Sleep and Dreaming

PSYC 230 – Social Psychology (Crowell)

PSYC 230 – Social Psychology (Hawkins)

PSYC 230 – Social Psychology (Zorwick)

PSYC 240 – Childhood and Adolescence

PSYC 245 – Adult Development and Aging

PSYC 255 – Stereotyping and Prejudice

PSYC 270 – Community Psychology

PSYC 276 – Racial Justice and the Bible

PSYC 280 – Introduction to Psychopharmacology

PSYC 290 – Statistics (Kennedy 01)

PSYC 290 – Statistics (Kennedy 02)

PSYC 290 – Statistics (Peszka)

PSYC 290 – Statistics (Zorwick)

PSYC 295 – Research Methods (Crowell)

PSYC 295 – Research Methods (Kennedy)

PSYC 295 – Research Methods (Taylor)

PSYC 310 – Social Neuroscience with Lab

PSYC 312 – Human Aggression

PSYC 320 – Cognitive Psychology

PSYC 330 – Learning

PSYC 335 – Sensation and Perception

PSYC 340 – Psychological Assessment

PSYC 341 – Moral Emotions

PSYC 351 – Health Psychology

PSYC 352 – Social Cognition

PSYC 360 – Behavioral Neuroscience

PSYC 366 – Behavioral Endocrinology

PSYC 367 – Psychology and Law

PSYC 370 – Personality

PSYC 385 – Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 415 – Psychology Practicum

PSYC 425 – Health and Systems

PSYC 480 – Mixed Methods

PSYC 490 – Psychology of Evil

Library Resources

Bailey Library Catalog

look for journals or books the library carries Bailey Library holds many books on reserve for the Psychology Department

StatView Tutorials

Step-by-step guides to help students perform statistical analyses

Online Resources

Hendrix Psychology Alumni Speaker Series (H-PASS)

Watch our alumni speaker series on YouTube

American Psychological Association

Style guide, divisions within the APA, journals, information searches

  • Style Guide - has instructions and tips for writing APA-style papers as well as examples of key pages in an APA-style paper. 
  • APA Writing Resources - which includes resources for information about (and samples of) APA style, information about frequent errors in APA style, and how to reference electronic sources.
  • APA Divisions - information about the different divisions (similar to areas) with the APA (e.g.,  divisions include the Society for Consumer Psychology, the Society of Clinical Psychology, Psychology and the Arts, Military Psychology, and Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology)
  • Student Pages - information for undergraduate students about careers in psychology, summer programs, grants and funding
Psi Chi

list of links to psychology-related sites, site lists, and other useful information -- contains links to psychological organizations, graduate school information, journals of student research, and career information

ERIC/AE Test Locator

a guide and database to tests, measurements, and research instruments

Basic Statistics: Tales of Distributions - Spatz

Link to the statistics textbook website for updates and corrections from the author

Social Psychology Network

Online Psychology Career Center

This page offers more than 150 career resources and a link to a "Frequently Asked Career Questions" page designed to help students, advisors, and mentors.

Psychology Link Search

This page offers one of the most advanced search engines of any psychology site. Try typing the name of your school (wrapped in quotation marks), click the Quick Search button, and see the results!  

Psychology Headlines Search Box

This box will display up to 10 recent psychology headlines and allow you to search over 3,000 psychology-related news stories.

Research Randomizer

Research Randomizer generates number sets for random sampling and random assignment. The site was designed for researchers but also has an interactive tutorial perfect for students taking courses in research methods.

Research Randomizer Box

This box will allow you to generate, download, or print random number sets.

Additional Free Resources

This page lists over 10 free resources related to psychology. Come for a visit and help yourself to any items you like!

Nursing Degree Guide for Psych Majors

Nursing Resources for psychology majors.

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